The Seven Wonders of the U. S. (humorous)

I noticed that on the recently published list of the seven wonders of the modern world not a single American monument was listed. I decided to correct that error by starting my own list:

Adam Sandler: I wonder how Adam Sandler ever became popular.
Paris Hilton: I wonder why anyhbody cares what Paris does.
O. J. : I wonder why O. J. isn’t in jail.
Remakes: I wonder why Hollywood can’t come up with any original ideas.

What would you like to see added to the list?

The Book of Love: I wonder who wrote it.
The Bomp: I wonder who put it in the bomp-shoo-bomp-shoo-bomp. I’d like to shake his hand.

Furry, you’re off to a great start!

I’ll add: How can it be that 34% of Americans actually approve of the job that GWB is doing?

You mean, you wonder why 34% of Americans etc.

Size 0: I wonder where the women are who can fit into it, and how long it will be before there’s a Size -2.

Mr. Gradgrind ha answered many of these questions already. Click the audio link:

Another link

According to Mr. Gradgrind…“René of Anjou, King of Naples 1435-1480, wrote and illustrated his Book of Love (Le cueur d’amours espris) some time after 1473 while living idly in Provence.”

And here I came in expecting things like “The Colossus of Bigboy” . . .

I wonder how “bomp-shoo-bomp-shoo-bomp” made my baby fall in love with me. She must be very fickle.

I wonder where the yellow went when I brushed my teeth with Pepsodent.

waves Right here! I mean, I have a few clothes that are sized bigger, but for the most part, I’m just a size zero.

My Little Runaway: I wonder where she will stay.

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold, etc., etc., and it makes me wonder.

Oh, wait, that’s English, and they already have Stonehenge. Sorry.

Panic on the streets of Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee, Humberside. And I wonder to myself…


Wonder Woman?

Wonder … Bread?

Wonder Bra?

And I wonder
I wo wo wo wo wo-on-der
She ran away-yay-ee-yay-ee-yay
And I wo-on-der
where she will stay-yay
My little runaway
A run run run runaway

I wonder if Stevie Wonder will ever have another hit?

I wonder if the Wonder Years will ever come back on?

And I think to myself, what a Wonderful World…

I wonder as I wander out under the sky…

I wonder if you’re wondering, if you should go out wandering. I wonder if you wonder what I’d do…

It’s a Wonderful Life