The Sexiest Movie?

I have seen a lot of movie threads and a lot of sex threads but I searched for this one and could not find it. Of course I’m not talking about hard-core porn movies but main stream films that were really really hot.

So what movie really, how shall we say, gets your motor running?
Off the top of my head I really liked Body Heat.
So what films did ‘it’ for you?

Dangerous Beauty
Everything about it strikes me as amazingly sensual: the setting, the music, the costumes (also Rufus Sewell’s not too hard on the eyes).

Also, there’s this one scene in the A&E/BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice where Lizzy (Jennifer Ehle) is singing and playing the piano and Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) is gazing at her, and their eyes meet… they’re 10 feet away from each other and it’s still one of the sexiest moments I can think of.

(OK, I’m a hopeless romantic, so what?)

The End of the Affair. I love tragic movies.

MOST excellent taste!!
COLIN was on ROSIE yesterday—he’s beginning to lose that soulful “puppy dog” look. (SIGH)

Anyway—my choice----GILDA. Starring Rita Hayworth and HER HAIR. “Am I DECENT?” (Was she or wasn’t she?)

I guess that I just prefer innuendo than in-your-face.

Finally saw the Thomas Crown Affair with Rene Russo and what’shisname. Rowf!

On the whole, nudity’s overrated. I’m more in favor of scenery, costuming and smoldering looks. The erotic rather than the pornographic, although I’ll take what I can get!

I will maintain to the end that the restaurant scene in Out of Sight was the sexiest movie scene I’ve ever witnessed.

I just recently saw The Hunger (Sarandon and Deneuve and Bowie, oh my!), and while it’s probably not THE sexiest movie it certainly had its moments. I only wish they hadn’t spoiled what started out as a very sexy shower scene with gratuitious body-double T&A.

Well, Body Heat is taken.

In comedies, the eating scene in Tom Jones has got to come close. Who would have thought the dining room could be more erogenous than the bedroom?

Surely Basic Instinct gets an honorable mention. Not even so much the interrogation scene as the constant messing with Michael Douglas’s head.

There are, of course, moments on TV. Anyone who hasn’t seen the finger job on Ally McBeal is missing something.

But if I must go for a movie that I think no one else will mention: Tightrope. Clint Eastwood getting beaten up by a tough looking hooker, daring him to hit her back. The whole film has that edge: Eastwood dealing with his own kinks while looking for a serial killer. Other films have tried to do the same thing, but seldom as well.

Wild Things.


No contest.


Gina Gershon–yowza!!

The scene where Jack and Jessica attack each other on the kitchen table… white hot!

I loved the sex scene in The Big Easy. ::fanning self::

There’s a sex scene at the beginning of Bonnie and Clyde (I think) where she’s on top of him and he’s peeling off her garter belts. Man, that always drives me wild.

Can’t believe no one’s mentioned this one…
The Big Easy

“Red Dust” (1932).

Clark Gable. Jean Harlow. Indonesia. Hot ‘n’ steamy. And, NO PRODUCTION CODE.

Thirds to “The Big Easy”.

For restrained “heat”, “Witness”. (one of the best kisses IMHO).

“A Streetcar Named Desire”

Another vote for The Big Easy.

Basic Instinct. Oh yeah, esp. the opening scene with Michael Douglas and Tripplehorne(sp) in the hallway.

Showgirls sucked, but the lapdance and pool scenes were pretty hot.

Come on, I’m gonna be the first to mention 9 1/2 Weeks?

Stacy Dash in Illegal In Blue (Uncut version). Wow. Some of the most believable (In terms of enthusiasm) sex scenes in mainstream video, even if this is a direct-to-video B movie.

I don’t remember Body Heat that well, but it was sexy, as I remember.

Rebecca De Morney in And God Created Women. Oh my.

Finally, a certain scene in Fall Time, an otherwise confusing, boring movie. Sheryl Lee’s character seduces the main actor in the middle of nowhere when the car breaks down, or she needs her insulin, or something. The scene isn’t THAt amazing, but it comes out of nowhere, after a good hour of no sex. I have to admit that it…errr, got my attention. :slight_smile:

good morning friends,

the train scene in risky business is incredibly erotic

The tall guy with Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson… Emma has never looked sexier.

I`ve always found the movie “Debbie Does Dallas” quite erotically charged.