The sexiness of female names

Some female names just tend to suggest a very attractive and sexy woman to me. My favorites:
Guys, what female names suggest sexiness to you?

Damn – you took Hannah.

I’m also fond of Alex.

I tend to like names that begin with K, like Katherine (Katie), Kirsten, etc.

When I was a kid, there were hardly any “Sarahs.” I knew two, and both were Black. Same with the name “Maggie.” Every Maggie I had ever known during school years was Black. So, I came to think of both names as being predominantly “Black” names. I was in my 20s before I knew any White Sarahs. (OK, I lived in a small community, and the ratios in school were about 70/30 B/W.)

Now, though, (as someone who eats out a lot), about every third waitress that waits on me is named “Sarah.”

To me Sarah and Jenny are just too commonplace to belong in a thread like this.


I rather like the name Holly, and I’m not quite sure why.

My hubby and I talked about this right before he left this morning and he LOVES the names


He also loves the fact that, in Austrailia, women are called Sheilas. That way when he says he loves Sheila he can be truthful no matter WHAT the name of the woman he’s with :stuck_out_tongue: (helps him cover his backside too since thats MY name as well) :smiley:

I have to agree with the general fondness here for Sarah, Katherine, and Hannah.

But I also favor:
Diana (not Diane)

(hmm … wonder what’s up with all the j’s?)

One of Heinlein’s characters said that a feminine name ending in “a” always connoted at least a C cup.

I love the name Veronika. Ah, Veronika. Mmmmmm. Veronika.

OK, I’ll stop now.

Uh. Veronica.

The only Veronica I’ve ever met was a middle-aged nun who taught English!

You wouldn’t exempt “blonde” and “brunette” from sexiest hair color just because they are common. The preponderence of the moniker is irrelevent to its relative sexiness.

You can definitely add Jacqueline and Jessica to my list. I’ll also throw Laurel on there.

As Biblical names go, I like Vashti. Especially since she was all cool and disobedient to her husband.

All female names that begin with J.


It seems to depend on what kind of people you knew who had those names when you were growing up.


Sabrina, my first crush

Also anything that starts with a V does it for me.

Damn that’s funny, how different tastes are in here.
I agree with bluecanary Jenny and Sarah are common. I love names like Lorna, Vanessa, Megan. Irish/scottish probably find them commonplace…

I also like unique names like Severin :wink:

I think your experiences undoubtably color your perception of a name’s sexiness.

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