The Shape of a Mother

Here’s a fascinating, wonderful website especially for women.
The link below goes to a page without images, but the bulk of the website is definitely NSFW.

Please note, these are not MILFs, and I’m not sharing this in order to invite snark. These are real women photographed before, during and after pregnancy.
It’s quite beautiful and moving, to see what our bodies can do.

I lucked out. 97 lbs going in, 103 lbs coming out, and no stretch marks. WooHOO!

Forgive the OT response, please.

fessie, I looked up your profile and for your threads, B/C I wanted to see what this was. :slight_smile: In looking up your threads, I saw Appropriate Boundaries When Raising Children?, and read it. It being too old, I tried to send you a message to tell you how much I enjoyed it, but you don’t accept them. Therefore, I was reduced to doing this. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference - that’s how well I liked your’s and others’ sensible systems.

Wow, thanks tygerbriyght, what a nice compliment! Sorry for being so elusive.

Also, I owe CajunMan an apology - sorry I didn’t wait for your reply before posting this. The answers to my ATMB thread convinced me this was OK to post, so I just went ahead and acted. I didn’t intend to waste your time and effort.

From this hits this is getting, I hope that Doper gals have found the blog meaningful. It’s been quite the topic on the mommy-boards that I frequent.

This is fab - thanks Fessie.

We’re trying for a baby right now, and its good to get a realistic idea about what is going to happen to my body (If I’m lucky enough to get pregnant)

The super-slim celebrity Mum has a lot to answer for I think, my SO firmly believes I’ll just ‘snap back’ a la posh spice/Heidi whatsit etc.

I like cake more than them, so I really don’t think that’s happening! I wonder if I should show him this site to get him prepared… that might be a bit too scary for him though…

Boys of the Board, what do you think? Is forewarned forearmed? Or is the gradual slow change of my body a better way forward?


Stretch marks BLEED? :eek:

I thought they just, uh, stretched.

Thanks, my hypothetical pregnancy has just been postponed for another five years :\

Can’t speak for Males As A Whole, but I find my wife incredibly attractive post babies, and I let her know that verbally as well as physically. New moms probably don’t realize it due to everything else going on, but they’re terribly sexy in a most primal way. They are (in most cases) being good mothers to their children, which is what we men are kind of hard-wired to be attracted to. Plus, they have bigger boobs. :smiley:

And then you woke up?


I’ll have to post some pics. I wore my street clothes home from the hospital.

It’s official, you suck. :smiley:

Pics would be nice. :wink:

Thanks for the link - what a great site (I was familiar with the 007 breast site and love the idea).

It probably has more to do with my genes than anything, but I can’t help but surmise that my lack of stretchmarks is partly due to being pretty hefty when I got pregnant. For instance, the former model said she gained 100 lbs when pregnant. How can anyone’s skin cope with such a huge, fast change?

The only thing keeping me from posting before and afters is the afters look bad, not due to the pregnancy, but due to losing and regaining weight (and then some) long after my daughter was born.

Er…I’m with you there. Call me vain and petty, but I DO NOT want my body to look like that. I’ve seen firsthand a gorgeous, toned, smooth-skinned female body turn into many of the pictures on that site.

They don’t bleed but the color of them is different from the surrounding skin. On some women this might be red/purplish color some are brown.

Depends on the woman.

A lot of my abdominal skin “wept” after my twins were born.

Although most of the After pictures aren’t pretty in the conventional sense, I think they do have a beauty. Particularly the contorted ones. Evidence of a life lived.

Nice site. Thanks for sharing.

To those who are startled by this candid look at the way most maternal bodies look, don’t let it scare you away from pregnancy. I would have been a little icked before I had my children, but pregnancy and mothering has a way of altering your perceptions. I am vain. Very petty and very vain. I have always loved the way my toned, flat stomach looked in a bikini. But while my belly grew (and grew, and grew!*) I was delighted by the signs and sort of relieved that I didn’t always feel the need to hide the bulge or hold my tummy in. Now, three years after my youngest was born, I’m starting to see myself as a bikini hanger again, but for 6 years, I’ve been completely content playing the role of bountiful fertility godess. Oh, and I gained a cup size, and it seems the titty fairy is letting me keep them.

*I gained over 60 pounds during my second pregnancy and weighed in slightly under a deuce on the morning of his birth. Happily, no stretch marks!