The Shield 10-21 (open spoilers)

I thought this was one of the best episodes in quite some time. With about 13 minutes to go in the program, they cut to commercial and I actually said “please don’t be over” out loud to an empty room.

Vic may have new life now that he sees an opportunity to turn his work with the feds into something long term. That security might not mean much to him after the exchange with Corrine though, as we know how Vic feels about someone else telling him how things are going to work–especially when it comes to his family.

I don’t think it’s a matter of if Shane gets killed or not, only a matter of who will pull the trigger. Vic would make the most sense–but I have a feeling that’s too easy for these writers. I could see Shane taking his own life–he’s definitely been through a lot since killing Lem.

Looks like we may see less and less of Dutch as the season winds down. I hope not–but it will probably be tough to include his type of story line with whatever happens the rest of the way out. I’m guessing they assign him to finding Shane, and trying to figure out why he wanted to kill Vic.

I’m tired of the Aceveda angle. I don’t think his presence adds anything to the show anymore. I wish they would either get him more involved or drop it altogether.

I’m always shocked that there aren’t more dopers who watch this incredible program!

Well, I finally caught up with the season this week, and will try to catch the episode today. You are right, The Shield is incredible TV.

Not having seen last night’s episode, I think Dutch, the 16 y.o. killer, and Claudette have a few more miles left this season.

Last night’s episode was epic! Things took a turn for the worse REAL quick. I thought they were going to drag the plots out for a few episodes. Man this show rocks!

My bet is Ronnie is going to off Shane. No telling if Vic survives the series though. I can’t wait to see how this show resolves.

Exactly. How many movies and television shows have we seen where we basically knew, or at least had a very strong idea, how the show would end? I have my ideas as to how it will all end, but definitely no certainty.

I also want to give props to the producers for deciding to end the show when they have. They could have dragged this out way past the point of no return (24-like)–but they realized it was best to go out on top. Very rare these days when it’s all about raking in the money at the expense of the plot.

Mr. Del and I had been saying recently that the last two episodes were okay, but nothing really explosive. So last night we were right on the edge of our seats. Even though we knew it was coming (I mean, not exactly, but in some way we knew the other shoe was going to drop for Shane), when Dutch and Billings were interrogating that suspect, the suspense was great.

My greatest hope right now is that who ever it is who ends up offing Shane also puts a bullet in Mara. I hate her.

I did think it was slightly weird that they started with a plot point about Dutch going into Claudette’s house … I get that they’re going after the “she’s getting sicker and not letting anyone know” but the house seemed more like “she’s got that weird hoarding mental illness as well.” It seemed like the wrong kind of messiness for “too ill to clean.”

I suppose I’m a little confused as to why Vic turned in his shield. I know he was worried that Claudette was going to chain him to his desk, but couldn’t he just, you know, ignore her? What’s she going to do, fire him?

I would think that his value is now far less for the Pezuela/ICE angle, but I suppose Vic will be able to spin it that it’s a feature, not a bug: now Pezuela will definitely think he’s gone rogue. On top of that, I’m sure he can still bust a few heads around Farmington before word gets out that he’s not a cop anymore.

Still… this season has been frenetic and awesome.

I wonder how Vic is gonna get around the fact that he has to chase Shane around while still working for Pezuela(ICE) in LA? No way he can kill Shane in just one episode.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything as suspenseful as Shane’s hasty exit from the Barn. Adrenaline!

I was surprised there wasn’t any fallout from Danny’s disappearance. She was packing to take the baby and run from Vic last episode – even if she’s supposed to be just “on vacation,” shouldn’t Vic know something’s up? Or is he just too busy to notice or deal with it, what with all the co-worker assassination attempts? He still found time to help out the woman who had the baby with the priest, so I’m not sure.

From what I understand, lupus has some things in common with multiple sclerosis. I have MS, which is made much worse in summer by the Texas heat. This summer was a real struggle. Total fatigue that made it a huge accomplishment just to get to work and back, and my job isn’t half as stressful as Claudette’s. If my husband hadn’t been around to clean our house, it would have looked like hers after a few months. (My parents and siblings even came over a few times to clean and do yardwork.) Especially all the takeout containers lying around the kitchen, because Claudette is too drained to cook for herself or take out the garbage at the end of the day. Hard to do laundry when the basket’s heavy and you have to haul wet laundry out of the bottom of the washer to get it in the dryer. Hard to do much of anything except collapse onto the couch or into bed. She’s probably doing good to bathe and get dressed on her own, and it probably takes her a long time to do it.

I was hoping last night that Corrine would take a swing at her.
Vic is losing everything and he knows it. Things are going to get even more interesting.

Ronnie and Shane will off each other in the end. In a horrible twist, Vic will get off scot free. Claudette will have a major stroke, Dutch will accept the job of captain and the public will live happily ever after.

A great episode for sure. I love the look on Vic’s face when the guy who shot at Ronnie “took the bait” and then the look on Shane’s face as he leaves. Telling that uni to shove (the softball number) up her ass was priceless. I’m surprised Vic and Ronnie didn’t catch up to him.

I wonder how Vic and Ronnie plan on finding Shane before anyone else does. Even if they do, they’d still assuredly be arrested once Shane is found dead. Mara still sucks, and she’s hanging the Strike team’s history over their heads. She needs to go down just as hard as Shane.

I think only 5 more episodes left. I need to re-watch seasons 5 and 6.

I say it every year: I’m glad the writers and producers took their damn time with the new season. This final season is going to be brilliant because they didn’t have to come out with the new shit right away and rush the story.

Anyway, another angle to consider would be Shane coming out on top. Ronnie and Vic go down by Shane’s hand and he has to live with killing basically every member of the strike team. That scene with Shane waiting in Vic’s room was pretty tense.

I love this show. It’s the only tv show where I have to take an hour to get my heart rate back to normal after it’s over. Poor Shane. If only that guy had kept his mouth shut everything would have been fine.

Five more episodes and anything can happen. I can’t begin to speculate.


Ronnie probably has a lot of motivation…

How about Shane and Mara get in a gun fight and kill each other? That works for me. :wink:

To pick a nit, why he wanted to kill Ronnie.


I didn’t see the thread earlier! Count me in until the very end.

How many eps left?

My impression is that this show is Chiklis’ baby. After 6-7 years, he has probably burned out on the role and made as much money as he wants from it.

Understatement of the thread.

Correct–wanted to kill Ronnie.

Speaking of which, Shane still could have shot Vic while he was getting in or out of his car. Is this a sign that he wasn’t ready to go through with it, even after all he had invested in getting it done? Perhaps he wanted to make sure he had a very clean shot?

Also, it seems to be the consensus of the posters that Mara needs to suffer for her incredible bitchiness. A sign of a very good actress.

Mara must die. That was the best episode since Lem’s murder. The acting was just superb!

I have a feeling it’s building to something, I’m sure he’s going to get involved in a more significant way soon. Seeing as how in his own way he’s very much like Vic Mackey, I think he may also be headed for some sort of downfall (as I’m sure Vic will)

Shane doesn’t have the stones to go up against Vic, That’s why he didn’t take the shot. My guess, Ronnie loses his badge, Shane loses his life & Vic loses his family and ends up on the goat farm in Mexico. You know the one they always try to send people to.