The Shield 3-21-06

Five minutes until start, and I’m already suffering from withdrawls… Does anyone know when the next season will air? Now, on to the discussion of what I predict will be the best season ending show for The Shield, so far…

RIP, Lem.

Whoops,RIP Shane (soon), too!

Holy crap! I called it but it was still a hell of a shock when it happened. I couldn’t believe the writers went through with it.


I can’t think of hardly anything to say. My jaw dropped when Shane did that. Wow.

Holy Crap.

I actually saw it coming shortly after Shane and Lem met. I thought Shane was going to unload a gun into Lem–I was shocked that he had a grenade. I remember Shane walking around the car and touching it afterwards–lucky that the car & surrounding area got so contaminated by everyone in the last scene.

Who didn’t see Dutch’s behavior towards the rookie coming from a mile away?

Also, did I miss something in the show about Dani’s child? I thought last week’s previews showed Dani getting taken to the hospital by Julien. Or was that actually part of last week’s episode?

Pardon me, I still have to come down from this episode…


I was pretty sure Shane was going to pull a Terry Crowley on Lem, but it was still a :eek: shock :eek: when (and how) it happened.

If Vic ever finds out, (and the look he gave Shane when Shane finally arrived at the rendevous kinda makes me think it won’t take him long to figure it out!) Shane’s ass is grass.

This show has balls enough for three “gritty dramas.”

Julien was taking Dani to the hospital at the end of last week’s episode. And Dutch is one naughty fellow. Wonder what will happen to him next season.

Speaking o f next season I think the next one maybe the last. Tonight’s episode leads to the beginning for everyone. Vic for all his dirty shit, Shane for you know what, Ronnie for being involved in the Strike team, Aceveda for his turning a blind eye to the Strike team when he wanted and his ametuer porn vid, Dutch with getting way to involved with the hot rookie, and billings for the whole vending machine fiasco.

I think Claudette will come out on top by being the one to take Vic and hi boys down.


Where am I going to get my adrenaline fix for the next ? months?

I wonder if the show is wrapping up. It’s not like Vic can add anybody to the team. The shit he would have to be trusted on boggles the mind.

As soon as Shane suggested they leave, I knew what was coming. Dammit, Lem was the only really likable guy on the show, and we didn’t know anything about him. I wish Vic could have gotten in a few solid shots on Kavanaugh’s melon at the end - he really had it coming.

This means that Shane pocketed one of the grenades at the bust earlier in the day with the intention of possibly using it against Lem later. In those shocking but painful few seconds after the grenade went off and Lem was still alive, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lem was trying to forgive Shane.


Like many here, I had a sense of what was coming at the end, but it still didn’t stop my heart from beating and the look on Shane’s face afterwards said it all.

It was totally within Kavanaugh’s character to act the way he did to Vic at the end, in front of everyone…but how do you say that?

I was thinking that Vic was somehow in on it with Shane, but I quickly changed my mind about that when he found out. I expected him to start destroying something, but he was just in shock at it all.

Fantastic episode and fantastic season all around!!

Like everyone else, I figured Lem had to die, but I didn’t know exactly how it would happen. Damn.

Does anyone else plan to watch Theif next week? I set the TiVo to get a season pass for it. I loved Andre Braugher on Homicide, so I’ll give it a try.

As that scene was developing, I was half expecting either Lem to see it coming and get Shane first OR a Mexican standoff. But Lem didn’t see it.

Does Lem know about Terry Crowley, or just suspect? The lawyer babe went back to Vic and accused him of killing Terry point blank.

The Mackey/Kavanaugh bout was realistic, but I wanted something more TV there.

Dutch is such a sleaze, and Billings is such an ass. At least Aceveda picked a side.

Shane is too stupid to get away with this, but I think it is Dutch who figures it out, not Vic.

That new one…THIEF…looks like it’s gonna be The Shield, Jr. My husband is counting the minutes…

That kinda pissed me off. Great scene with Shane and Lem, but man do you not have to be a super-detective to know that one of the Strike Team was responsible for that murder. Lem’s sitting in his car, which suggests he went there voluntarily. He was killed with a grenade, which the Strike Team had been dealing with earlier in the day. And the Strike Team – far more than some stupid-ass Salvadoran drug lord – has a motive for wanting Lem out of the way before he can turn on them.

And yet the first thing Claudette said about it was to suggest that Guardo killed Lem. That makes no sense at all.

I count the following people for whom, with half a second’s thought after the shock wears off, it should be obvious that someone on the Strike Team killed Lem: Becca, Aceveda, Kavanaugh (all three of whom know about the Armenian money train thing now), Dutch, Claudette, and especially Vic. It couldn’t be any more plain that Shane killed Lem if he’d spray-painted “Shane Vendrell wuz here” on the side of Lem’s car.

If they make this out to be some big mystery next season, that’s gonna really annoy me.

Shane is such an asshole. Vic would have been able to convince Lem to go to Mexico.

I loved the pimpology speech but Dutch taking the lesson to heart was too obvious.

Dutch has the vending machine thing over Billings’ head now.

I have Thief on a TiVo Season Pass too.

Depending on when they lost their tails, Vic and Ronnie should have alibis.

I would think that the investigation would focus on Guardo, and how Vic arranged for it to happen.

But this makes absolutely no sense. Why would Lem drive up to some deserted body shop and sit in his car talking to Guardo?

I think Dutch figures out that Shane did it, Kavanaugh “put his boot on his neck” to get him to squeal on Mackie, and Shane threatens Mackie with exposure if he doesn’t help him.

Dutch will let his dick get him into a shitload of trouble. Billings will probably capitalize on that, even though he’s a dumbass. The vending machine/sexy cop thing could get interesting.

It’ll never happen, but I’d love if Antoine Mitchell got really heated about not having leverage, Mackie pushes Kavanaugh over the edge into commiting a crime, and he gets served up to Mitchell.That would be too perfect. Though not as perfect as Dutch getting rat trapped. :smiley: