The Shield -- 4/30 (Spoilers)

Okay, I admit it…I’m only watching this show anymore to see whether they ever get that bastard Mackey. Since I suspect that the show would never bring him down (he’s the most compelling character, though not as dark and edgy since the pilot), I must content myself with seeing the number of asinine ways the show’s writers can find to let him off the hook. People in that department seem to have such short memories–Danny’s living in denial if she thinks that Julian just realized that he wasn’t quite sure about the ID; there needs to be more enmity between Dutch and the Strike Team; and while his case is surely weakened by Julian’s caving, doesn’t the captain remember the really credible witness who stole the van and saw the drugs? As that storyline progressed, I thought at least that he’d try to pin his case on her, and wind up finding her dead. And anyone want to hazard a guess how Vic knew to bust in on Julian and his lover last week, if no one else on the force knows that Julian’s gay? Plus, it looks like next week will be another “let’s see the Strike Team do something really bad, almost get busted, and successfully cover it up by doing worse things” episode. At what point does this show become a tacit glorification of the evil the Strike Team does in the name of results? Sure, it’s morally ambiguous in a way no other program is–but when it comes right down to it, Vic Mackey is the protagonist here. And there’s something unambiguously disturbing about that to me.

Sorry; had to get that off my chest.

The really credible witness? Are you being sarcastic? One little 14-15 year girl with a record testifying against the entire police force? I don’t think that’d have the desired effect. “Well, Mr. Prosecutor, I lost my key witness, but I do have the testimony of this little girl…”

Mackey knew that Julian was the one who snarked on him. Mackey wants to bring Julian down. Mackey follows (or has someone follow) Julian for a couple nights, waits until the time is right, and bam! We didn’t see it explicitly, however, I certainly wouldn’t put it pass Vic. Would you?

I don’t think that will happen. Tonight wasn’t about the horror that is the Strike Team, and neither was last week, really. Besides, the commercials can be misleading…so I’ll wait until I see the episode before I make my final judgement on this point.

Why? I personally love the fact that he’s morally ambiguous. On the one hand, he’s scum, but on the other hand, he does a lot of good. WHy is this disturbing? Are you disturbed by the fact that there are people like this in the world? I’m very, very tired of the “good guys always wear white hats” cliche.
Also, while we are encouraged to root for Vic, I certainly don’t feel that he is the only protagonist. We understand, and can even empathize with the guy who is trying to bring down Mackey (why did I blank on his name?) But that guy is underhanded too, in his own way. Dutch and the character played by CCH Pounder are both protagonists as well, when haven’t we been encouraged to cheer for them?
Vic is a protagonist, and arguablly the “lead”, but I think this show is very much an ensemble piece.

Well I’ll definitely take Mackey over Aceveda.

Overall, it’s because Mackey is doing a little evil to do more overall good for others (mostly, though he does look out for himself as well). I think the show would have been much better if they didn’t kill the guy in the first episode, because then I could root for Mackey all the way and not feel guilty about it. Everything else he’s done is something I can accept for the end result. It’s almost as if the good he does outweighs the evil.

Aceveda on the other hand, only cares about himself and his political agenda to become mayor. He could care less about others. He wants to stop Mackey because it’ll make him look good, not because it would do any actual good. It certainly seems to me that the neighborhood would become a lot worse if Mackey wasn’t around.

At the end of last night’s show, I thought the widow was going to kill herself when she picked up Dutch’s gun. That would have been pretty messed up, but I was relieved that she didn’t.

My roommate and I both thought the widow was going to shoot herself. I thought the closing montage was great, from Dutch in the shower to Shane working out in the mirror to the cops at the murder scene.

It amazed me that Julian would actually confide in Vic, but I suppose it makes some sense, because Vic is one of the only a few people to know his secret.

14-15? Are we talking about different people? There’s the 17-19 year old car thief who’s a great actress and whose initial testimony was pronouced to be extremely effective. And what do you mean, the entire police force? No one else knows one way or the other–it’d be the testimony of Mackey and Vendrell, the testimony of the girl, and the “uncertain” testimony of Julian. Given that she, y’know, actually did find the drugs in the car, I don’t think it’s as much of a mismatch as you believe.

On the rest, we’ll just have to agree to disagree (at least until I finish my 24-hour take-home final). I don’t think Mackey does as much good as you think, and Aceveda seems to be the only one who even cares anymore about Mackey’s methods (even if Aceveda’s motives themselves are less that altruistic).

She has a criminal record, and it would be her testimony against two decorated detectives. Julian’s testimony would be thrown out. No way is there a cse now, with just the girl.

I don’t see it that way - I still think it’s the best show on Television.