The Shield. Thoughts and predictions

Finally! The most intense show on tv is back. I am very excited for tonights program, and can’t wait to find out what happens in the following situations:

  1. What will happen with Vic and the strike team in regards to the money train?
  2. What will Julian’s status be after the beating he took at the end of last season?
  3. What is up with Vic’s family?
  4. How will what’s her face handle being the new boss of the Farmington squad?
  5. How will Tevon (sp?) fit in with the strike team this season?
    I predict that David Aceveda (sp?) will still play a major role in the show, perhaps even helping out Vic and the strike team.

Something has to go wrong between the guys on the team. No one can resist the temptation associated with all that money. I think Shane and Vic will have a major fall out.

Vic’s family will probably move away and be out of the picture, at least for now.

I think we will find out eventually that Tevon is undercover IAB or something along those lines. He will continue his hard-ass ways to begin with.

Can’t wait until tonight! Anyone else excited or have any thoughts to share?

I’m definitely excited.

I hope you’re wrong about the strike team fallout between Shane and Vic. They already tried that last season, anyway.

This is one show I could never predict, which is one of the reasons I like it so much, so I won’t offer any guesses of my own.

I’m so excited about tonight. It feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity. I think that Wims’ new job spells mucho disaster for Mackey, I think that his divorce will be finalized (I really don’t think a reconcilation will happen), I think Aceveda will start out his new job using his leverage to go after Mackey, but as before, will back off when it becomes clear that he has to rely on him for help (or Mackey blackmails him, whatever) and I think the money will spell D O O M!


I know what you mean about the possible break down between Shane and Vic. It does seem to me that they are setting us up for a big fallout though. Shane seems to hate Tevon, and Vic seems to love him. I can see Vic moving Tevon into Shane’s spot to take some heat off the team if Shane screws up like he usually does.


I think you are right on in reference to the probable blackmail of Aceveda. The great part is, we get to start figuring these things out in just a few hours.


I don’t generally follow any television shows, and most of the popular ones I never see. Sooo, I heard so much about this show I decided to check it out last night.


The story was interesting, but the camera work absolutely drove me crazy.

It was all zoom in-zoom out-pan-zoom in-pan-zoom zoom zoom. I was literally getting motion sickness from all the jerking around.

Do they always do that shit? Does it bug anyone else? Is it some new tv trend to show that a program is “edgy”?

The camera work is the best in any TV show, ever. If it doesn’t suit you, that just means that you’re an inferior human being. Away, to the camps to be culled from the gene pool!

Ahem. Sorry. Anyway…

My big predictions:

-Tevon is a straight player. And gets killed. Leaving Vic in the terrible situation of TWO of his new guys getting whacked…

[spoiler]… and only one of 'em being his fault.

Hey, I don’t know how many people have seen this so far![/spoiler]

-Danny gets reinstated as a detective, to fill the slot that Claudette left empty. And, at the same time or a little into the series (maybe after Tevon buys the coke… er, dust), she gets put on the strike team… primarily 'cuz Claudette knows that the Team had something to do with Armadillo’s murder.

-I predict that Vic and his boys get away with the money train, but either A: have to dip into it to help out in emergencies when the heat is high, B: get their asses into and out of so much trouble trying to hide their secret, or C: both.

Also, Dutch is going to really shine in this season, I think. He’s gonna smell something funny about the case, and he’s gonna find it. Jesus, I can’t wait… Dutch is the best…

I don’t quite know what they’re going to be doing with Aceveda, or Julien, though I AM interested in what they’re gonna do with Julien’s character (quick trivia: In the scheme where Tomas punches Julien’s reorientation counselor, there’s a shot of a guy with a denim jacket and goatee in the background, for a split second just before the scene changes. 'At’s me buddy, Lewis… look for him as a cop in season 3!).

I also predict that Vic and Corinne get back together, briefly, but the heat of the Money Train will screw things up again.

Spoofe, you have got to be shitting me…I couldn’t sit through it. Perhaps it’s something one gets used to.

Oh! I never even thought of that! The only bad part about Claudette getting promoted is that she won’t be working with Dutch anymore, and I really liked their partnership. But Danny working with Dutch could be very interesting.

Don’t see Danny as a detective, or on the strike team, but I think she will be teamed up with Julian again.

Dutch is a great character, I agree that he just might sniff out this money train thing. If you get a chance to watch last season’s finale, just check out his face when he goes to the scene of the money train showdown, it’s almost as if he already knows who did it!


The season premiere exceeded all my expectations! I like 24 a lot, but there was more tension, action, and drama in the first ten minutes of The Shield tonight than in the entire season of 24 so far. Damn, have I missed Vic and the gang!

No spoilers so our friends in other time zones can still enjoy it…

Heh, thanks for not posting anything. I’m so weak, I would have read it without a second thought. I still have over an hour before show time!

Fantastic episode.

This show totally rocks. Blows the socks off of 24, and anything else on TV for that matter-- even The Sopranos.

Great openning episode. It’s pretty clear that the money is going to eat at the cohesion of the Strike Team, playing one off the other.

CDNLY: Give it a few weeks. I can’t say I even notice the funky camera work.

moejuck: Thanks for starting this thread. I came into CS thinking I would start a The Shield thread as it seems to get so little attention around here.

John Mace: no problem. I agree that we need to spread the word about this show.

It seems obvious now that Shane and Vic are on the way to a power struggle. Shane, as usual, is screwing everything up because of a girl. The bills being marked is a tough one to get around, but it looks like Vic already knows that Aceveda is suspicious. Vic will hide the money from the other guys until he can figure out a way to get around the problem. I think Dutch will eventually have to let Vic in on what is happening with the case, which obviously helps out a bunch.

Julian kicking ass? I loved this scene. Julian has to become the bad cop now, and Mackey is the one who gave him the encouragement to go there. Look for some more beat downs from Julian in the near future.
Spoofe basically called the Danny re-hire, so I have to give him credit. Looks like she is going to be a narc of some sorts. That could get very interesting, IMO.

Can’t wait till next week. Let me know what you guys think.

Except Vic’s the one who’s using the cash right now–he’s the one in danger of circulating the marked bills, if something goes wrong with his fake gun buy. Shane’s using his credit card on the car…stupid, but not all that likely to expose the heist. (By the way, I loved Aceveda’s crack about the ATM–you gotta think he’s at least half-convinced that the Strike Team is responsible for the money train thing.)

I liked how the stakes were upped with the potential double murder charge. And even without seeing next week’s previews, it’s pretty clear that Tevon isn’t quite happy about his role on the team. We’ll see if SPOOFE’s right and he remains straight and narrow, or if he starts to walk the line to get Vic to include him and give him more responsibility.