The Shuttle Just Buzzed My House!

Well not the shuttle itself but the jet carrying the shuttle back to Cape Canaveral.
My roommates and I were sitting on the roof looking for it and found it coming out of the north. The plane banked around and started heading south towards Kennedy. It dropped some altitude to cruise the beach and headed almost directly over us. We think that it was only 5-600 feet up and probably less than 100 yards away.We had to almost yell at each other to hear over the engines. I think thats the closest I will ever get to a shuttle.

It was a great sight to behold.

No pictures!!!

I got to get up close to a shuttle (the Columbia :frowning: ) atop its jet transport when it was parked overnight at Kelly AFB in San Antonio many years ago. My ex worked in public affairs and got called to escort some bigwig out to see the shuttle, and since our daughter and I were in the car, we got to go, too. Right up onto the flight line and park next to the security perimeter 50 feet or from the plane.

What struck me most, and has stuck with me to this day, is how small it seemed, especially dwarfed by the 747 it rides on.

That is so cool that it flew right over your house!


One roommate got one pic. We didn’t have time/film to take any pictures. Hopefully he can get that one to me soon.

I saw the Shuttle land at Edwards many years ago (I think it was Columbia). 30 minutes later the 747 took off with Challenger aboard and buzzed the crowd. What a sight. Too bad they are both gone now.:frowning: