The Sigs Only Thread

[Joe Friday]

Just the sigs, please.

[/Joe Friday]
Mine used to be:

Man does not live by bread alone,
but look at those who get by on crust.

Please contribute your sig line.

On another board (at the moment): “These aren’t fresh peppers. They’re actually very well behaved.”
See below… I was NEVER such a stud til I came to SDMB… :smiley:

I don’t even know what’s in here anymore. I guess we’ll see.



I’m supposed to remember what I have in there?


Do I have one?

Where, oh, where, has fizzygoodmakefeelnice gone to? She hasn’t posted in ages!

I liked that thread we had awhile ago where we flattered each other for sig lines.



I have never changed mine, other than to fix a link that used to be in there.

I would take this opportunity to remind that using sig files taxes the sdmb servers.

My sig reads: “I don’t think so, therefore I’m probably not”


Hmmm…I can’t remember…hope it’s not too stupid.

Still waiting.

Let’s take a look…