The Silly Bandzwagon

Spotted today at Walgreens today: “Zany Bands!” and the slightly less pithy, “Shaped Elastic Bands.”

Bonus: Zany Bands come in a [del]Twilight[/del] Moonlight pack with vampires, wolves, and roses. Which glow in the dark! I so bought some.

When I woke up this morning, I had never heard of these things. When I got on the train, I saw a girl wearing some. I almost commented on them, but decided not to. I just didn’t care all that much. Now I’ve seen them mentioned in two different threads, and looked them up on a website.

You kids today, I swear.

These whippersnappers today. . .

Why, when I was that age, we had ‘slap bracelets’ and you know what? We were grateful. :stuck_out_tongue:

About two weeks ago, I saw a roadside sign saying something like


At least I think it was a phone number. The limit on that road is 50 MPH, so comprehension of anything much longer than “STOP” or “YIELD” is tough. Silly sign maker! At first, I thought it may have been some sort of musical entertainment for parties.

One of the convenience stores at my office has a sign now that says “WE HAVE SILLY BAND” which again brings up images of some modern equivalent to Spike Jones and The City Slickers.