The Simpsons 11/11 (spoilers)

Tonight’s episode must’ve run short; they showed the full opening.

They certainly could have used those extra minutes to come up with a better ending.

“Little Orphan Millie” JABF22
Writer and Lyricist: Mick Kelly

I’m not exactly sure why they decided to add sound effects to the opening credits after all these years (Bart chuckling, Barney belching, Chief Wiggum saying “Watch it!”), but it neither harms nor helps the sequence.

I liked this episode a lot. For some reason, it reminded me a lot of an episode that could have been written in the early or mid-90s. The part with Milhouse’s uncle reminded me of “Brother from the Same Planet.” The scene with Homer offering Milhouse breakfast and trying to find an item that wasn’t nautical-related was funny in terms of how bizarre the products eventually got.

“…and that’s why to this day, you never see a shark with monkey arms.”
“I like your stories, but why do they always talk about the Container Store?”
“I figure if I keep saying their name, eventually they’ll pay me.”

It’s hard to get comedy out of a 10-year-old kid losing his parents, even when the kid is a loser like Milhouse. I liked Kirk and Luanne’s re-marriage vows and “Haw-haw! You know Milhouse!”
There were some decent observations in this one, like the video game scene, but it’s not the funniest topic to say the least. And this was a lot of Milhouse. I did like Bart admitting he loves his friend; Milhouse has gotten really pathetic in the last decade or so and Bart’s sometimes very mean to him, so I liked that.

I was thrown off by Milhouse’s leather jacket. Was he supposed to be Fonzie or Jack Kerouac or something? Do kids even wear leather jackets anymore? I felt like that was weirdly out of date. Even Goth clothes would have felt more current.

Oh, and Bart’s commenting on how the Van Houtens look alike- I really don’t think the writers should take their jokes from past-season DVD commentaries. :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one thought Gaylord Q. Tinkledink was hilarious. I hope he becomes a recurring character.

Can I get a quick spoiler recap? I missed the very ending. They were doing the part about Milhouse saying how happy he was that his parents were alive and I got called away. I only missed about five seconds but I figured it was the episode’s punchline.

Uncle Zack says he’s already radioed for help from brave Danish sailors. Kirk says “More like swishy Danish sailors,” and they fight. Looked like it was going badly for Kirk when the credits rolled.

Seeing Luann in a dress was really weird because it looked so much like Milhouse in drag. That was a little disturbing.

I think the reason it felt that way was that they managed to do something with a semi-central character that hadn’t already been done before.

Not the funniest episode ever, but it managed to be a decent story.

That, and the fact that there was some emotional grounding to the story. In that way it was a little like The Haw-Hawed Couple (Bart and Nelson become friends), which I thought was the best episode in years.

I thought it fit with Milhouse’s character. His idea of what’s “cool” doesn’t always fit in with current popular trends. To Milhouse, Fonzie just may have fit in with his idea of “cool”.

I liked Homer’s misadventure with the beehive, blueberries, and picnic spread and his inadvertent “mocking” of Marge.

Where did the whole Dutch vs Danish thing come from? :confused: Milhouse is supposed to be Dutch on his father’s side and Italian on his mother’s side, right?

Milhouse’s father was one of the Dutch Van Houtens. His uncle was one of the Danish Van Houtens. Beyond that it was just a joke about a family bitterly divided over a silly issue combined with the humor on Dutch/Danish confusion.

Dear me, a Simpsons thread and no one has come in to rant about how this show is so much worse than it used to be, yada yada yada. I will also not so rant, as this episode was quite entertaining. I don’t know why, but the Dutch vs. Danish thing absolutely cracked me up.

And stealing jokes from past DVD commentaries is fine, if they’re funny. What percentage of Simpson fans have listened to every such commentary?

Mmmm… Danish…

He has an Italian grandmother, but that doesn’t mean that whole side of his family is Italian. We don’t know what part of the family his uncle was from anyway. I thought his dislike for Kirk showed there’s a Dutch part and a Danish part to the Van Houten side of the family. My family traces back to about half a dozen different countries - granted that we don’t have different branches and we’re not too sure about any of it - so three didn’t strike me as confusing. :wink:

They certainly do! Saw a teen walking by the side of a road just last Friday wearing the standard black leather jacket, rivets and all. See them all the time. I just want to scream: “You don’t rebel by imitating 50 year old schtick! Think of something new!”

The scenic tour leading up to Milhouse being told of his parents’ death was from “Saving Private Ryan” right?

Loved the couch gag. (Self-reference is cool.)