The Simpsons 19th season premiere (spoilers)

“I will not wait another 20 years to make a movie”.

Worst. Opening. Ever.

I kid, I really liked the movie references. :slight_smile:


Stephen Colbert is tonights guest star!

I am recording it, I have The War on PBS.

I liked Stephen Colbert’s character. Very much in his style. “You’re forgetting DNC- Don’t Not Concentrate.”

I liked all the Chicago jokes, reminds me of the old-style jokes from the past that pissed off cities and places like New Orleans, East St. Louis, and Brazil. I’m sure Chicago will be angry, too, but it’s worth it. “Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs, 1908 World Champions” “Wherever The White Sox Play”

That episode was a lot like the plane flight at the end: started off prety well (including some classic Simpsons action), and then almost crashed (Homer suddenly not having the job was confusing instead of dramatic, and the scene where we see why he didn’t get the job failed to pay off).

Some good jokes, though. And I may be the first person ever to say the following: has Homer gotten smarter this season? He aced the placemat maze.

I never thought about that- there was one episode a long time ago where Homer kept screwing up a placemat maze. Maybe it was the bowling shoes.

It’s gotta be the shoes. Either way, he always does those mazes with the utmost dignity, that’s the great thing.

They did turn two recent-Simpsons things on their heads in this one: Homer gets a job without quitting his old one or anyone checking if he knows how to do the new one, and Marge finds out about Homer lying about… something. Alas, the end also meant there wasn’t much of a payoff. The best parts were the slamming of Chicago - they got a lot done in a hurry - Colbert’s character saving the day while sitting pathetically with his pants off and eating a TV dinner (while refusing to name Emory University), and Homer driving the plane off the cliff.

“Sorry I had to lie about all this, but thanks for letting me use the plane.”
“Anything for a fellow Marine.”
“Semper fudge!”
“Did you just say ‘semper fudge?’”
“No, I said the right thing.”

Why do you assume it’s Emory he didn’t name? He could have been not naming Rice or Tulane.

I thought it was NDC: Never Don’t Concentrate.

I must not have been concentrating.

The season premiere was tonight? Dammit. Did not know that.

The palate had whaty looked like some new greens. The animation had a bit of what I can only describe as a mechanical feel–when the plane went over the cliff, I had a little Futurama flashback. I also thought the timing was off in a few places.

Loved it.

It had Lionel Richie so that already made it awesome.

As a current Chicago native I almost lost it at “while you were here we felt like New York”.

Greast episode.

My summer love. Ha!

“Homer, you don’t know how to fly a jet!”
“I’ve driven a car off a cliff. How much different can it be?”

I missed the whole opening sequence. Stupid FOX affiliate ran a bunch of commercials at the end of a football game, cut to the last two seconds of the intro, then went to MORE COMMERCIALS! :mad:

Right, it had that computer-generated look.

When I was applying to colleges I heard Emory referred to as “the Harvard of the South.” (And maybe I should’ve applied, since the Harvard of the North had no interest in me.) I know it’s one of those “we’re not saying who we mean” jokes, but I thought Emory was the most likely candidate.

The plane landing, etc definitely was CG. They used to avoid that at all cost… and there are plenty of poorly drawn camera movements in the past that would have benefited from it. I guess they used it on the movie and kinda liked it.

“Beer beer, beer beer! Beer beer beer… wait, I forgot the words.”

Loved seeing them cleaning up pieces of the dome, and rebuilding Springfield, in the opening sequence.

I have to say, I thought the episode was weak as hell. I was looking forward to Stephen Colbert’s character, but he did nothing for me. The only time I laughed was when Homer taxied the plane into the water. Disappointing as hell. Maybe next week’s will be better.