The Simpsons; 25.13 "The Man Who Grew Too Much (open spoilers)

The A & B plots were kind of a mess, but that scene at the end. Ned’s officially a widower again. RIP Edna.

Wonderful ending; the rest was blah.

was a good good-bye to Edna.

Bob sure did cross that line between everyday villainy and cartoonish supervillainy.

A nice touching goodbye to Edna at the end.

Sideshow Bob’s genetic craziness would be better suited in Futurama and Lisa’s fencesitting were a little against her type. She does have a point and all, but it looked like the creators weren’t sure what they wanted to say. I guess more research is needed… OK thanks, I assume the same goes for all other scientific research as well.

Did it bother anyone else that the finale of the show took place at a dam, just like the episode with Bob and his (eviler) brother Cecil?! (back when the show was still funny). I mean, that was just incredibly lazy. If they wanted him to jump into water they could have at least used a bridge or cliff or something else…

So I’m assuming that the lines were recorded before she died?

And it made me feel for Ned, having two wives and have both of them die on him. Make sure that no other voice actresses marry Ned!

i thought it was a nice linkage to the past. also Bob’s encounter just after.

it’s details such as those fanhood thrives on.

BTW it seems there was a second new episode that aired at 7:30 of which I had no idea.

ETA: I liked that they were at the dam. It was a nice reference.

I think that was pretty much the best way to handle Edna’s death. I like Nelson laughing, too, then saying, “I miss her, too.”

Lazy? I thought that was a deliberate continuity nod.

Agreed, making a joke about it like they did with Maude would be all kinds of wrong (though IIRC one of the future episodes established that Homer accidently killed Edna too & Ned remained Maude’s ghost :p).

I guess it was deliberate. I suppose it just reminded me of how much better the show was back then, and that annoyed me!

And that was the best way to handle Marcia Wallace’s death. The last time a semi-major character’s voice artist died was Phil Hartman (Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz) and that was much more tragic (he was murdered by his crazy wife). They made no mention what-so-ever of his characters, they just had Gil become the family lawyer…

And the original voice actress for Lunchlady Doris died in 1995, but they eventually brought the character back with a different actress. She even speaks in this episode.