The Simpsons - 4/25 That weird animation?

That little thing they did in the middle, with the stylish animation as Homer & Marge were fleeing Bart & Lisa. Was that from something? It looked very 60s, mod, Austin Powers-ish.

It was a parody of the opening credits of Catch Me if You Can (hence the title of the episode).

Did anybody else notice that the episode seemed bawdier or more risque than usual. At one point, Marge referred to having a “triple X throwdown” with Homer.

Nothing more? I’ve never seen CMiYC, but I have to say kudos for copying it. It was something (stylistically, if nothing else) that I haven’t seen before on the show.

Was I the only one that noticed Maggie disapeared after her initial appearance?

I was wondering what happened to Maggie too.

I also noticed we didn’t see Maggie after she was knocked into the catbox. I thought at the very end when Bart and Lisa say that everything in the story’s been settled, they’d cut to Maggie sitting in an empty house wondering where everyone was. But, instead, we got Ned and Rod Flanders opening up their credit card bills and being shocked at all the unexpected expenses Homer and Bart ran up.

Grandpa’s subplot with the elderly Cuban gay man was also left up in the air.

I don’t know if it was sloppy writing or just a way to deliberately irritate some of the more obsessive Simpsons fans.

Maggie was inconvienent to the plot of this episode, so she was symbolicly discarded–i.e. thrown into the cat box.

well I have to say that I loved the parody of CMiYC, didn’t like the film much, but thought that was excellent. :slight_smile:

I just want to note that you get more of that same style of animation on the menus for the DVD of Catch Me if You Can.

I didn’t even think about Maggie but I too was wondering what happened to Grandpa. Maybe he and the Cuban gentleman are becoming better “friends”

Now all she has to do is dial 1-900-MIXALOT and kick them nasty thoughts.

Having answered my OP, I thought one of the funniest bits was when the newlywed couple say how they’re looking forward to having kids Marge & Homer both laugh hysterically!

And when the couple says, “No, really, we are”, Homer & Marge just laugh even harder!

Let’s not forget Homer referring to Chocolate Star Wars (the first two words are the joke.

I have to admit, I hadn’t noticed that at all. And, actually, it doesn’t make the line any funnier (though I suppose if you were giggling hysterically at the Abe subplot, this might tickle you). I just thought the combination was another amusing display of Homer’s childishness, like hamburger earmuffs, mmmHEY, glavin.

I hadn’t noticed that either.