The Simpsons; (Elizabeth Taylor guest-starring) 4/3/11

Heads up to anyone who’s interested; Fox is rerunning the episode where Maggie (voiced by none other than Dame Elizabeth Taylor) says her first words.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor?

Yes. She received the honour in 2000.

This has to be one of my most favourite Simpsons episode.

I almost ever get touched by a TV show, but the ending to this episode is great

It’s terribly amusing that the episode is set in the 80s. Right now, Bart would have been born in 2000, and Homer and Marge would have been 12 in 1984.

So anybody want to share their (or their kids’) first words? Mine was shit; which I started saying over and over again in the most awkward (for others) of circumstances. Mom was very mad at the person who taught me that word.

Of course that person was her, who’d you think it was? :smiley: She’d constantly say it when changing my diapers or when something bad happened. My older brother’s first word was “fuck”.

I noticed one error in tonight’s episode. In the flashback, Homer meets Flanders for the first time. Flanders offers any help, and Homer asks to borrow his TV trays. Flanders says he just bought them.

Then it’s a cut away to Homer putting a drink of the TV tray and Homer says, he’s had those trays eight years now.

But Bart is 9 years old and was two years old when they moved, so Homer overestimated how long he had those trays.

I wonder if you need to to simple math to be a safety inspector at a nuclear power plant?


Bart’s current age is always 10.

Wow I didn’t realize. I guess I messed up as he is in the 4th grade. And Lisa is 8 and in second grade. Where I am 4th graders are typically 9 and 2nd graders are usually 7.

I guess that through me off

Lots of kids turn 10 before finishing 4th grade, if their birthday is in the first half of the year. You’re right that it doesn’t make a lot of sense in the episodes obviously set in the fall or around Christmas.

The MASH references really jumped off the screen when I watched it this time, because I’d watched about 90% or so of MASH since the last time I saw this Simpsons episode. Funny how long-running series are like that.

Only if you want to be a good, competent one.

As Bart said to Homer

“Do you even have a job anymore?”


I’m pretty sure there was a first season episode where Bart turned 10. Certain of it.

Season 3, Radio Bart

Ooh, right, the one where ‘Timmy fell down the well.’ :smiley:

How old did Lisa turn in the Michael Jackson episode?

“You two are way overdue for a growth spurt.”

Why did they air Lisa’s First Word rather than Krusty’s Komeback Special, where Liz had more than one line and actually appeared on screen?

Besides, James Earl Jones and Jodie Foster both do a much better job voicing Maggie.

I think only the former episode used Liz’s real voice; the other was an impersonator.