Question re Elizabeth Taylor/Maggie Simpson voice in syndicated eps

A few nights back I saw a syndicated version of the “Homer gets roasted” clip show. In it, it shows the scene where Homer puts Maggie to bed and she says “da-ddy” as voiced by Elizabeth Taylor. Only it wasn’t the Elizabeth Taylor voice from the original episode. It was a totally different voice- the ET one was cute, this one was not. My question is, does anyone know if it was changed for that clip show only, or if the original episode and the clip show both now have the voice changed. And why was it changed anyway?

Maybe I’m remembering this wrong, but didn’t Maggie (Liz) say “Homer” the first time around? Either way, it’s surely the shortest cameo ever in the Simpsons.

If memory serves correctly, that was Bart. He kept saying “Homer,” instead of “Daddy,” which instigated Homer’s first act of child abuse.

Young Lisa also calls him “Homer,” which makes the moment all the more touching- Maggie is the only one who calls him “daddy” (but he isn’t around to hear it). The only other thing Maggie does in the episode is belch (which Homer interprets as her saying “burlap”).