The Simpsons Movie (the bad edit)

Let’s say The Simpsons’ writers and producers panic, or are lazy, and don’t have any material completed for the new Simpsons Movie. Thanks to modern editing techniques, we can use existing footage to complete the film. In fact, you don’t even need to do any editing. Just program the DVDs in the right order. Seemless, huh?
For this you will need:

Call of the Simpsons (Season One)
Kamp Krusty (Season Four)
Selma’s Choice (Season Four)
Bart on the Road. (Season Seven)

Some Enchanted Evening (Season One)
War of the Simpsons (Season Two)
Homer’s Night Out (Season One)
Secrets of a Successful Marriage (Season Five)
Homer Badman. (Season Six)

Homer’s Odyssey (Season One)
Deep Space Homer (Season Five)
Homer’s Triple Bypass (Season Four)
Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment (Season Eight)
Trash of the Titans (Season Nine)

Movie Version #1
The family buys an RV and goes off on a camping trip (7G09). Bart and Lisa ditch Homer and Marge and go to Kamp Krusty (8F24). Once Kamp Krusty turns into a nightmare, they hitch a ride back to Springfield. They talk their Aunt Selma into taking them to Duff Gardens (9F11). Bart gets detained by the Duff Gardens security, escapes, steals a car, and drives Millhouse, Martin, and Nelson on a cross country road trip (3F17).

Movie Version #2
Homer and Marge, going out to a romantic restaurant, leave the kids with a babysitter who turns out to be the Babysitter Bandit (7G01). Marge gets into an argument with Homer after Homer gets drunk and turns into a womanizer (7F20). Homer, still drunk, dances with a belly dancer at the Rusty Barnacle (7G10). Marge kicks Homer out of the house. Homer sleeps outside, goes crazy, and eventually seeks forgiveness from Marge (1F20). After a misunderstood incident, the town thinks Homer is a misogynist and a mob intends to kill him (2F06).

Movie Version #3
Homer gets fired from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and goes out on a crusade for safety (7G03). Homer becomes an astronaut (1F13). Homer has a heart attack (9F09). Homer goes into bootlegging (4F15) and racketeering (5F09).

This is a hilarious idea. It reminds me of the old Warner Bros. TV specials and movies which were old Looney Tunes strung together with a bit of new animation to make the plot make sense. Since the producers said they originally planned Kamp Krusty to be a movie, let’s use that for a base…

The Simpsons Present A Krusty Movie: The Rise, Then Fall, Then Rise Again Of The Klown

8F24, Kamp Krusty, Season Four
2F12 Homie The Clown, Season Six
3F12, Bart The Fink, Season Seven
1F11, Bart Gets Famous, Season Five
9F19, Krusty Gets Kancelled, Season Four

Bart and Lisa visit Kamp Krusty (8F24). While the kids are away at summer camp, Homer, in an unusual coincidence, ends up as Springfield’s official Krusty impersonator after enrolling in Klown Kollege (2F12). Krusty invests his cash from the Kollege betting against the Harlem Globetrotters, leaving him nearly bankrupt. After the horrible experience at Kamp Krusty, Bart ends up looking for Krusty’s autograph after he ends up getting a checking account, which ends up to him accidentially uncovering Krusty’s tax evasion(3F12). After Bart convinces Krusty to return from his reclusion after being caught by the IRS, Krusty returns the favor by giving Bart a job as his gofer, which accidentially leads to Bart becoming the famous “I Didn’t Do It Boy” (1F11). Despite Bart’s success, a newcomer named Gabbo steals Krusty’s thunder, leaving Krusty high and dry again. Bart comes to the rescue once more, bringing Krusty’s celebrity friends to the rescue to help Krusty get back on top in a feel-good ending (9F19).

You two are more in tune to the Simpsons than I could possibly ever be. I bow to your…your…whatever it is that you have and I don’t.

Well, the first review is out and the news is…promising:

(Beware! Minor Spoilers in full review!)

I think you mean avoision.

I can’t believe this day has arrived. Wow. 20 years. I wouldn’t have thought so eiher, but here we are.

I really hope somebody gets fired for that one.

I have a much uglier word for it…


Lack of lives? :wink:

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