The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I want Brandine to birth some more babies

So I might be done. I had to do the “send verification code” a couple weeks ago to log in. Then I had to do it today. Then I had to do it a second time today. I don’t want to have to do the log in process (which isn’t saved like everything else on my phone) and then add the hassle of checking my email all the time. Once a month? Maybe. I don’t get it but sure. But twice in one day is too much work for this. I’ll try the app later. Sometimes it doesn’t make you do it later. But I’m not enjoying it and haven’t for a while. Making it a chore just might be it for me.

For those who haven’t logged in in awhile, there is some sort of special prize that will become available at 12 ET / 11 CT after the Season 33 premiere.

Don’t have any information on what it is or if it is even worth logging on.

I got locked out for several days. That was after I took a break out of being annoyed. I finally got back in yesterday. I’m not LOVING the new event, but I am quite happy it’s different and a nice surprise. Well, “event” is a strong word for it. Just a mini thing where you do a few tasks and get the most annoying character that’s been on the show since either Tappa tappa tappa or VENDETTA. It looks like it’s going to be recurring, so that’s where my excitement lies.

Yeah, the special prize for logging in was…another event where you earn a character. OK, then.

I like how the player can put everyone on a task all at once. I wish they would expand that so you can tap and end everyone’s task all at once as well.

Yeah, all that tapping gets me Tapped Out. :crazy_face:

I decided to celebrate by burning through some donuts in the yearbook. I wish they’d update it. I love the concept, don’t want some of the characters… like Nixon. I got Duff Stadium hoping it might trigger a Lady Duff option somehow. I have a Lady Duff task but no Lady Duff and no way to buy the costume.

THOH update today. Big update. Same old format. Maybe the prisoners were a test for Christmas. Maybe we’ll have elves again.

Thanks for heads up!

Kind of weird that it’s in the middle of the season 33 event thing they’re doing.

I think the S33 (good christ I’m old. I was my kid’s age watching it on Tracey Ullman and its debut episode) is a whole season thing. So instead of little separate little gifts every few episodes they’re tied together. Which is nice until they forget about it, like Springfield Heights.

Every third day or so I have to dl like a gb of data. It’s like it doesn’t save. I don’t think my phone is that full but maybe it is. It makes a quick pop in a pain and it’s not like every time so I can’t even plan for it

I believe that is a known symptom of not enough storage space on your phone, like you mentioned. I’m not sure how many gigabytes of free space it is expecting, but it is more than you would think.

Maybe you are teetering on the edge if it isn’t doing it every time.

ETA: I just looked up a post on the tstoaddicts site and they recommend 15GB free to play. holy cow. LINK

yeah this most recent update is HUGE. and I don’t keepa ton of things on my phone. If I have to start deleting things for tsto… well, it might be time to lose. 15 is insane because some phones are that big out of the box. Total.

I had a bunch of christmas music on my phone so I took it off to make room and it’s still not taking the update properly. I think part of the problem is that itunes doesn’t manage phones that well, doesn’t really deleted old stuff properly, shows that it has more room that it has.