The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I’ve got to confess a new addiction. I’m busily rebuilding Springfield in The Simpsons: Tapped Out on my iPad. It’s a free game and if you are a Simpsons fan, you will really enjoy it. Anyone else playing? Have any favorite characters or buildings?

I love Duff Man and making him ride all over town on his Segway, sending Witch Marge off riding on her broom, and with the Christmas update, making Ned ride his boys on the snowmobile. Kang running from the puny humans and Chief Wiggam on a stakeout are also a riot.

I think my favorite building is Duff Brewery, even though it’s huge and cost a ton of Donuts. My second favorite is Moe’s, because when it’s occupied there is a rat that runs around on the roof. The Muntz house is also great with Nelson playing guitar out front and the raccoon chewing on wiring on the roof.

Their little sayings when you tap on them or finish a quest are fun too.

If you play, post your username and I’ll add you. My origin ID is pimaspi.

Oops, should have posted in the Game Room. So sorry.

Yeah, I’m addicted too. I think my favorite is Frink’s flying machine and Moleman making an independent film.
Are you having issues with the game crashing a lot?
My Origin user ID is sarusim. I’ll add you to my neighborhood.

This is only for iPad, right?

I think so. At least for now. You might check EA Games or The Simpsons website to see if any other platforms are supported.

You can also play on iPhone, but it’s small and sometimes difficult to tap or move things around. I just checked and it’s an iOS app, but some of the older devices are no longer supported.

I’m loving the Christmas update so far!

Yay! You have decorated houses! I am not through the starting quests yet, but should have some decorations sometime tonight.

Yeah, but you’ve got Kang! (Or is that Kodos?) How’d you get Kang? Or am I not at the right level yet? I’m at 17… I like your layout, BTW

I like Christmas too, but my favorite is still Halloween. Mostly because squishing Zombies was a great way to relieve stress! I’ve noticed that after the Christmas update the game is crashing a lot less, too.

Kang was part of the Halloween quests. Remember him flying around in the space saucer? You had to buy the ray gun and shoot him down. He crashed into the ray gun, destroying it. You can see mine in the far left upper corner beside Cletus’ farm and behind the Observatory. I hate you didn’t get him. He’s a lot of fun. Bart will even ride him on the handlebars like E.T.

I enjoyed the zombies too. I wish I could have left everyone in Springfield “turned”. The animations were great.

So I have to wait for next Halloween to get another shot at Kang? Damn! I got the App only a week before Halloween and hadn’t figured out the nuances yet. (I also learned to turn down the volume if I’m taking my IPad into work. Homer blurted out “Another job mediocrely done” at exactly the wrong moment in a meeting!)

I just installed the app. I’m USCDiver on there too, I’ll be your neighbor.

Welcome to Springfield, USCDiver!

Dang, no Android version. :frowning:

You’ll have a bustling metropolis in no time!

So I don’t plan to spend any actual money on this game. What is the best way to utilize my donuts? Should I save them up, or is it better to send them speeding things up early on?

If you’re not going to spend any money, by all means save them. The game doesn’t give out donuts often

Um, when I go to my friends’ screen, the little options window pops up halfway off the screen so I can’t accept a request or close the window and return to the game… Any suggestions? Reinstall?

That happens to me sometimes. Try rotating your IPad/IPhone 90 degrees. The pop-up should resize to fit. You should then be able to rotate it back and the pop-up should rotate with it.

Save your donuts! You don’t want to fritter them away on speeding things up when the longest you will normally have to wait for a quest to finish is at most 24 hrs. The best use of donuts is for premium characters or buildings that come with characters. They earn money (and they are fun to watch!)

USCDiver, it was worth adding you to my neighborhood just to see Homer kicking back in the kiddie pool in the middle of a snowstorm.

Huh, for some reason that didn’t work the first time I tried it. Got it now, thanks!

Ha! I was thinking it was a strange way to start the game until I realized this game has been around for a few months.