The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I just got the game today, and it is a lot of fun. I’m heater2000ca on there too, if anyone wants to add me.

Loving it too. The Christmas update is fun, but I missed the Halloween one. Does anyone know for things that are in the Xmas list that normally sold for donuts, do you get the actual building, or does it only decorate it if you already have it? And do decorated brown houses give 5 coins over all, or per house?

I do find the inability to play offline seriously annoying though, especially as the server is currently overloaded.

I like Lisa a lot just because she is so cheery. They need to give Milhouse some sound effects.

I did the tap Homer ten times to get donuts thing. There seem to be a million YouTube videos about getting donuts hacks but none of them seem to lead anywhere.

I’m jackdavinci if anyone wants to add me.

Someone hacked my account yesterday and I had to change my password. I recommend using a different password than you use for other sites.

My iPod Homer said “better them than me!” in my pocket during the perfect pause in a conversation me and a friend were having and we both cracked up.

LOL. At least in my case it wasn’t “Work? I thought this was a game!” That would have been very inappropriate in the circumstances.

I’ll send friend requests to you and heater2000ca if the system ever let’s me back on.

I don’t have any sounds!

I’m addicted to this as well.

Labtrash is also my username.

Now I’ve got to fix up my layout!

USC, I don’t have any sound at the moment either. EA had a huge server outage today, so I am assuming it’s one of the things they are working on.

For the Christmas decorations, you only get the decorations, not the building. Also, even if you have a bunch of the same kind of houses decorated, you only get coins from one, once a day.

Like others, I am really hoping they make an Android version of this.

I got my sound back! Woohoo!

I double clicked the home button on my iPad, held the Simpson’s icon till it wiggled, then hit the - button to close it. After I reopened it fresh, it was OK.

This coin collecting is tedious!

Is anybody else having this issue? I can’t access Origin and all of my friend’s Springfields have disappeared.

I got logged out earlier today and it wouldnt let me log back in, it started me over as an anonymous user. So I deleted and reinstalled the app, but now it won’t connect to the server.

Just reboot and log back in. Seems to work for me.

They got me, too and I don’t even watch The Simpsons! D’oh! I downloaded the app this morning, but wasn’t able to log onto the server until about 30 minutes ago. Hope that isn’t a bad sign for the future.

I’m happycamper5, if anyone needs neighbors.

Ha! The Cool Brown House with a family of hipsters showed up in tonight’s episode.

Is anyone else still getting regular quests or are they suspended during Christmas?

I’m still getting regular quests. Of course, they can be delayed if the character needed for the regular quest to advance is working on a Christmas quest.

Is anyone else having problems with logging into the “other Springfields”?

All my new friends are gone. :frowning:

Yes, I mentioned this in an earlier post. Rebooting didn’t work for me, but they did return eventually.

Here’s my question. When you tap the Krustyburger building, you hear frying sounds. When you tap Gulp 'N Blow, you hear a cash register. Java Server = Keyboard.

Tap the Mapple Building - What the hell is that sound supposed to be?!?

I’ve never had any sounds and I’ve reinstalled it twice when it wouldn’t connect.