The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I don’t see it. I might already have it I guess.

I found it as the very last item in this events inventory of stuff to buy.

Woohoo! Something a little different!

And I got a Lard lad donut building. That’s neat.

Looks like they fixed it with the update. I think I can clear those jobs now. It definitely puts me behind.

Lots of opportunities to spend donuts, just blew through a few hundred and then churned out more via buying ambulances which, for $99,000 each (after sale), nets me 11 donuts, or 1 donut for $9,900 of in-game cash.

Your bonus must be way higher than mine. I’m at 584.60%. I know mine is pretty low.

I get like 6-9 donuts when buying 40 ambulances.

6,320.43%, prior to the 5x generator. I have over 500 characters and when I collect for 24-hour jobs, I get about 130 donuts for that alone.

But I prefer to do ambulances and never work the characters, excepting quests.

I can’t get in again. So that’s fun for me

I was being dumb and rushing the land deeds and characters to get plots of land. Cost in donuts is 6*3+4 for 22 donuts per land plot.

You can just buy the land plots for 15 donuts.

Until later that is where land plots cost 2 deeds or 30 donuts. I wonder if it gets even more expensive later on?

It does. I spent a half hour harvesting about a 1,000 donuts last night to see how expensive it gets:

Each E-W row has 7 plots. I just went up one of the columns, buying donuts and plots of land.

There are 4 rows each at a price of 2 deeds(?) (30 donuts), then 4 rows of 3 deeds (45 donuts). This pattern continues: Four rows of 4 (60 donuts), 5 (75), and 6 (90) deeds (donuts), follow. The final row is 7 deeds, and you can buy that plot of land for 105 donuts. There is only 1 row of 7 deeds.


9,135 donuts for 2 deeds and beyond.

I generate a lot of donuts, but this will take awhile. :sweat_smile: