The Simpsons tonight: guest stars Stan Lee and..

Harlan Ellison!? In the preview I saw he does stay in character and…

yells at Milhouse.

I guess he does have a sense of humor.

Great, now thanks to your malfuntionary spoiler tags I know what happens. Thanks for ruining the show.


I hope it’s as good as last week’s ep, haters gonna hate but this show still turns out gems quite a bit.

Or maybe he just really hates Milhouse and this was the only way to get to him.

Damn phone!

I thought it was really sweet. I loved the snake rice wine sequence.

I don’t watch the Simpsons much, maybe an episode an year - so thanks to alerting me to this one, Loach. It was wonderful. Probably because it had so little Homer, but still.

Of course I’m speaking as someone who met his wife at a science fiction group meeting. In 1970. Before it was cool.

My extensive Legion collection will be forever incomplete without a copy of “Jimmy Olsen vs. Matter-Eater Lad.” :frowning:

We thought it was hilarious, which probably condemns us as hopeless geeks and nerds (I met Pepper Mill at a Convention, too – the 50th anniversary of the first WorldCon). Pepper Mill especially liked Harlan Ellison’s appearance. (She has her own Harlan Ellison story)

It’s better than I remember…

Is that because you’re a Miyazaki fan? Or just enjoyed the imagery on its own?

It had Homer belly. Was that not enough?

So, was this a one off episode or will CBG be married going forward? The manga book going into the bargain bin at the end made it a bit unclear.

I was wondering that myself. That ending could be an “It was all a [del]dream[/del] comic book” reset.

It was a strange episode and I disliked it overall. My kids enjoyed the anime references though.

I thought the entire premise was really stupid honestly and marrying off CBG so swiftly was too much.

I hope they don’t reset.

In the game Simpsons Tapped Out they introduced Kumiko a week or so ago saying she was going to be a new character. She has a short quest line and then you get a message saying to tune in on Sunday. As of this morning she is still in the game.

I liked that CBG got married. Give the poor guy a break. He’s been dumped on for 23 years and he finally finds a like-minded person to share with. I think it would be neat if she becomes a background character like Comic Book Guy is. The Sipmsons wiki doesn’t say one or the other if she is staying.

I liked the epsiode and especially the snake wine sequence with all the anime references.

I thought it weird that it was a relationship about Comic Book Guy and they never once mentioned his thing with Agnes Skinner.

And it can’t have been a fear of being backwards-referencing, because of course they had the (excellent) Mr. Sparkle references.

I also wonder whether he’s going to continue to be married going forward. But then they gave Apu a wife and kids, so I suppose it’s possible.

BTW, I totally didn’t get what CBG’s problem was with that potato skin platter. IIRC, he said something like, “It’s not arranged either alphabetically or geographically,” but it looked to me like it was arranged geographically, unless he was nitpicking Alaska and Hawaii being in corner inset maps rather than how far away they would actually be from the contiguous 48.

But the waiter was presenting them in no discernible order. I forget what he started with but at least one on the brief list was something about Maryland’s potato skin having crab cake on it (which, btw, sounds really kinda interesting).

Being that Comic Book Guy’s new wife wasn’t voiced by a celebrity cameo (but series stalwart Tress MacNeil) I don’t see why she won’t stick around. Even Manjula was originally done by SNL’s Jan Hooks but again MacNeil has filled in for her a few times.

I’m still wondering if they’re gonna deal with Marcia Wallace’s passing. Personally I never liked or bought into Ned marrying slutty Mrs Crabapple!

Overall I have to say I laughed more at this episode then I have for quite awhile. I was amazed that Ellison actually made fun of himself (like it or not he is an asshole), and Stan Lee was almost as good as his first appearance 10+ years ago!

“Stan Lee never left. I’m beginning to think his mind is no longer in mint condition…”