"The Sims" and "The Munsters"

Have any of you ever played “The Sims” while watching “The Munsters”?



You don’t get out much, do you?

I remember my first posts.

I remember my first beers.

Ah, but have you ever played “SimCity 3000” while watching “The Addams Family?”

Have you ever turned someone into a monster while playing the Sims? (With the Concoction Station, I mean.) It’s terrifying, just terrifying!!

Is there going to be either a point or a discussion here in the next few minutes? If not, this puppie’s going to the pet sematary.

The Pet Sematary? Euty, if you mean what I think you mean, in about a day we’ll see a zombified resurrection of this thread. If by Pet Sematary you mean the Micmac Indian burial ground about three miles ahead, that is, but I digress.

Speaking of pets, have you heard there’s going to be a new expansion pack called “The Sims Unleashed”, which will focus exclusively on PETS! (I wonder if they’ll have cemetaries?)

No I have not but I’ve seen Alistair Sims play Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” which was shot in black and white much like “The Munsters” was shot in black and white.

I am very excited about “unleashed”

I’ve always wanted to make a crazy cat lady with about fifty cats. I’ve read that in addition to the flies and roaches we will now have to deal with rats! Cool!

It comes out in September…hopefully in time for my birthday.

btw: one of my family (the King family…named after guess who) has an ‘elimination’ functioin in neighborhood three. They have a pretty extensive list of bodies in the yard.

Wince I think that just might be a LITTLE scary…