The SIMs Online

Okay, as an admitted SIMs freak, I’m eyeing this game rather enviously. The only thing that’s kept me from buying it is the idea of playing the SIMs online and the problems it may have (bugs, crashing, etc). Anyone have it? Thoughts? Comments? Nasty remarks?

Note - I wasn’t sure if this went here or in GQ or in IMHO or…you get the idea. If this is the wrong spot, apologies!

I started playing in December and really enjoyed it at first.

In April I cancelled my account and never plan on playing again. It got to be very boring and they didn’t add new things to make it interesting enough for me. Basically all you do is chat, build skills while chatting, eat, chat, build a home, chat, chat, chat and chat some more. Each week there was a new 5.2 MB download and hardly anything new in the game. It just didn’t seem worth it to play anymore and pay $10 a month to do it.

I played in the beta. It was kinda fun, but everything revolved around making money and having roommates. It was basically like AOL with stuff to do. And everyone else has to be doing it at the same time to make any progress.

Eh, I’m probably going to pass on it then. Some things are too good to be true.


Thanks, guys.

I subscribed a few months ago… thank you for reminding me to cancel.