The Sinulator: the (pleasure) wave of the future...

Anyone here ever heard of it or, better still, experienced it? :wink:

Pure heaven. In the pleasure of your own home. For $79.95


RealGirl dolls. Teledildonics. Self-heating lube.

“In a thousand years there won’t be anymore guys and girls, just wankers. Sounds GREAT to me!”
–Mark Renton
Train Spotting

Lest we forget f-ing machines dot com.

What will they think of next?

Sign #27 You’ve Been Spending Too Much Time On Your Trig Homework:

I thought the Sinulator was going to be a math thing.

If I were you, Jenaroph, I’d give it a shot. Under ideal conditions, it might even help you with your math. :smiley: