I'm getting myself a toy!

And an expensive one, too: barring the money I’ve spent on school, this is the most expensive thing I’ve paid for entirely on my own thus far.

I’m not quite sure where all you can buy one in a store, but apparently it would be about $300. I found one on Ebay for $99 plus five bucks shipping. I should be getting it in a few days, and I’m very excited. It’s got more than my current 256mb! It’s got an FM transmitter so you can play it through your car’s radio without an adapter! It’s wi-fi capable, so you can download music directly, sync it wirelessly, and use it as a hotspot finder without getting your laptop!

I’m kinda giddy. It’s cool, I didn’t expect to win the auction, and I just made a Reasonably Big Purchase, after Thinking it Out, like a Real Live Grown-Up Person Does.

Sounds like something I have been waiting for, all features in a self contained box. Let me know how you like it. How is the user interface? How long does tha battery last?
P.S. For $99.00 that is an unbelievable deal.

[eyes closed, fingers crossed]
Please let this thread be about vibrators, please let this thread be about vibrators, please let this thread be about vibrators
[/eyes closed, fingers crossed]


Fingers crossed the EBAY seller is fully legit. If it had a way to connect and post to straight dope included I’d buy one.
MaxTheVool maybe it has a vibrate function :wink:

Hey Max, maybe you can turn the bass up to 11.

We could hijack it and make it about vibrators…watch, like this:

So how is the “user interface”??

I see it has a “hotspot detector”, I bet that’s exciting…

“Self contained box” indeed!

She’s already “very excited.”

…How did this happen to my thread?

This is the dope… how can you be surprised at what, err, ensued?

I hope the FM transmitter works better than others I’ve seen. I prefer the old “use the tape deck adapter and plug it in” method, myself. Otherwise, it looks cool.

And here I was, looking at the thread title, thinking, “Oh, god, will her parents see this? Please let it not be about vibrators…”


(And congratulations on the purchase!)

Clearly, the majority of you are not geeky enough. Both my father and my older sister are engineers, gadgetfreaks, and spacegeeks. Therefore, I was raised with ‘toy’ generally meaning something from Radio Shack or CompUSA.

Note to self: think before giving threads titles…

This thread brings back pleasent memories of Jr High. The math teacher had some kind of plastic objects to demostrate geometric shapes, which ensued the following conversation:

“Mrs. <whatever> has some new toys!”
“Yeah, your finger!”
“Your TONGUE!!!”

Good times, good times…

Oh, certainly. But what kind of geek are you if you can’t make a vibrator from parts bought at Radio Shack?

Spacegeeks? As in, astronomy? Or the space program?

How cool…
However, it’s been my experience that geeky people are even MORE likely to attempt to bring sex into any conversation…

I’m not sure. But even I figured it was going to be about an ice blue jelly dong, too.