The smells of urine...

So, what exactly causes urine to smell all funky on occasion. Like after taking lots of vitamins, urine smells just plain nasty. After a long sleep, urine can smell pretty funky too. Asparagus makes urine smell due to some chemicals, and I’ve also noticed that if I drink lots of coffee my urine can have a coffee smell, and onions produce an onion smell.

Now, I suppose I could just be weird and there is a problem with my urine and it shouldn’t smell even though it does, but are smells caused by not drinking enough liquid or having too much of something your body can’t handle?


Drinking more water will probably dilute the smell of your urine but that doesn’t mean your not drinking enough or that you’re having too much of something you can’t handle. As you already stated, different foods and drinks can make your urine smell a particular way. What do you expect, rose water?