Smelly Urine

Why does drinking espresso make my urine smell?
I have heard others say similar things about tuna and that leaves me puzzled as well.

I know the whole asparagus thing…

And pineapple juice… :stuck_out_tongue:

Try a big helping of asparagus! :wink:

Sugar puffs or weetabix for me :eek:

A high dosage Penicillin I took for a couple of weeks really made the old gipsy’s* smell something horrible.

  • gipsy’s kiss = piss; Cock-a-knee rhyming slang involving a mainly British variant of “gypsy”

Espresso does this to my urine too. Don’t know why.

Drink a six pack of Hornsby’s Cider and the next morning at the john you’ll think you’re in an apple orchard.

Years ago I had to take clap shots and pead bright orange for days. My buddies all knew what was happen’ and I definitely caught Hell! (Public Urinal)
And yes asparagus does make your pee smell. Unka Cecil commented on this at one time.

Yella piss is good!


Not just espresso–I notice it with any coffee. Kind of a smoky odor. I only drink coffee about once a week, but I drink tea every day, so I can tell it’s not the caffeine.

My guess would be that the obvious answer is the correct answer. There are aromatic compounds that aren’t being broken down by your digestive processes and which are small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream where they are filtered out by the kidneys.

I’m curious about the tuna as well. I ate tuna way too much a few summers back. My urine often smelled sort of fishy.

If you drink Slim Fast, it’ll smell like whatever flavor you most recently drank.

Well, me, anyway. :slight_smile: