The song that makes you happy - right now

This changes from week to week, but right now the song that gets right into me is Led Zeppelin’s “I’ve Got A Woman”. I could listen to it over, and over, and over, and…

This will be replaced by a new song in a couple of weeks, however. What song makes you happy right now?

Dance Hall Crashers’ D.H.C.

Even the words are uplifting:

Been stuck in my head ALL FRIGGIN’ DAY. Thanks for giving me a thread to share about it, maybe it will exit my brain now! :smack:

Outkast’s “Hey Ya” makes me exceedingly happy every time I hear it. Makes me wanna shake it. . . :smiley:

I should have said that Zero 7’s “Destiny” is a close runner up. OK, starting tomorrow the song that makes me happy the most is “Destiny”.

I’ve been really into The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize?” Especially this part:

Do you realize:
That everyone you know someday will die.
And instead of saying all of your goodbyes,
Let them know you realize that life moves fast,
It’s hard to make the good things last.
You realize the sun don’t go down,
It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning 'round.

I find it incredibly uplifting. Quite a trick, considering that second line.

Lately I’ve been listening to Geggy Tah’s Space Heater. Damn fine song, that.

Hmm, those italics are all screwed up. Should be Space Heater by Geggy Tah. Nevertheless, a very good song, very relaxing.

Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”.

“True Blue” by Frank Black and the Catholics. Just a short, simple little love song with totally inscrutable lyrics (what’s a narghile?), but every time I hear it, it reaches out of the speakers, grabs my cheeks, and yanks them forcibly upward into a tooth-baring rictus of a smile.

VNV Nation - Standing (live version)

Here is the somewhat long chorus…

Man, It’s So Loud In Here by They Might Be Giants. Add to the fact that TMBG already write infectious pop songs that they let Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) produce the song with a techno-/disco- beat. It’s so… damn… peppy!!

Well, I had sort of a bad day at work, and on my way home on the bus, about an hour ago, “Do The Nihl” by the old 80s band F-word was playing on my MP3 player. As soon as it came on, I felt better for some reason, but then I caught myself singing out loud along to the chourus “We we can can do do what what we we wanna do…” and everyone on the bus looked at me like I was nuts. There’s just something about a song about causing trouble and breaking things that makes a bitter telemarketer feel better after a bad day :slight_smile:

This Love by Maroon 5. The song isn’t particularly uplifting, it’s about a love affair gone all askew, but the tune is hooky as heck and I love the way that the words befo-o-o-o-ore and whoa-oh-oh are sung in the chorus. When I hear it on the radio, I tend to turn it up and frighten my husband. :smiley:

TeaElle beat me to my answer. I’ve had “This Love” stuck in my head for about 4 days. It doesn’t help that I sang it at an open mic night on Monday, lol.

I’ve also had “Girlfriend” by Matthew Sweet stuck in my head, and that’s a good tune.

“Grandma’s behind the wheel” by the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz has been repeating in my truck disc player for a few days:

Bobbin’ and weavin’ like she’s been drinkin’
Got New Jersey plates on a late model Lincoln
Stoppin’ on the green lights, going on the red
All you see is two hands and that little blue head

Look out, look out, Grandma’s behind the wheel
She’s headed down to Florida in a big long automobile

Drive granny drive (drive granny)
Drive granny drive (drive granny)

Now for the million dollar question, who knows the proper form for the response (drive granny)?.


Mason Williams’ Classical Gas and Bela Fleck’s Shanty always do it for me.

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Tenacious D - Lee

My happy song changes from week to week, but my latest has to be Kanye West - Last Call.

Old dance classics:

Dangerous on the Dance Floor by Musto Bones.

And most Barrington Levy reggae.

For me its “Heaven Must be missing an Angel” byTavares. I’ve been listening to this song almost weekly every since it first came out back in 1976, and you know what…I’m STILL not tired of it :smiley: