The Sopranos: True NJ locales?

I’ve checked the official site at but can’t seem to pin down where the action supposedly takes place. That is, where are the Soprano household (aka “the Sausage Factory”), Satriale’s and Bada-Bing supposedly located?

Is it Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, Bayonne or what? I know scripts have mentioned that Tony and Ralph Cifaretto went to W. Orange High School - is that where they live/“work”?

I believe the show’s shot on location; any Jersey Dopers out there know the “true” location of any of the show’s landmarks?

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This might help with some of what you’re asking:

I’ve never seen the show (no HBO), but I came home from work one night to find them filming a restaurant scene three blocks from my house, in Northern NJ. I hope they were supposed to be going to a NICE restaurant, and not slumming!

This is probably in that link earlier, but off the top of my head I remember that the Soprano’s house is in North Caldwell, New Jersey and some of the street scenes are done in Montclair, NJ.

I’m from south Jersey, so I don’t recognize any of the specific hometown Soprano landmarks, but I have lots of relatives up there, so I can vouch that the show does an awesome job capturing the feel of the place.

One odd continuity problem: the episode where they got lost in the snowy woods was clearly NOT filmed in the actual locale of the Jersey Pine Barrens–it was a hardwood forest for some reason, probably shooting schedule/snowfall related. The actual Pine Barrens would have been a nice touch, especially since they are impossible to navigate in (sort of Blair Witchy) and they have the pedigree of the Jersey Devil.

BTW, one of my fraternity brothers was the friend of Tony’s old partner’s son (Frank Jr.?). that got shot upside the head. Sort of a surreal way to reconnect with an old friend.

Anyone know when the new season starts?

September 2002

I’ve got a friend that is dating a girl who works at the go-go bar where the show is filmed, but I can’t remember the name of it. It’s in northern N.J.

Well, I live in neither North Caldwell nor Montclair, so I suspect their location scout just finds any appropriate-looking locale anywhere in Northern NJ.

One true locale they (briefly) showed in The Sopranos also occupies a niche in power-pop history: the Fountains of Wayne showroom in Wayne, NJ, from whence the band is named after.