Sopranos opening credits; Map of Tony's drive?

I can find lists of landmarks he passes, but I’m not familiar with the area so I don’t really have any frame of reference.

Is anyone aware of a map of the route?

Based on the impressions I have gotten from reading about similar excursions, the route would have to be broken up into uindividual settings which would make up a very disjointed journey – impossible to drive continuously in reality.

A similar situation is the route the cars took in the Bullitt car chase which I remember as being almost comic in how jumpy it is.

Precise geography in such things is way down the list of important considerations. But I’ve yet to see a precise layout of the settings.

Doesn’t he go through the Holland Tunnel, and by Newark Airport?

I remember before 2001, you could see the World Trade Center in the distance. They later cut that footage.

Sopranos Opening Sequence: Location Guide

Although this is more than you asked for, you might enjoy The Sopranos Location Guide.

Well, I was hoping that most of those locations would work as a connect-the-dots, but not so much. Assming Tony starts at the Lincoln Tunnel and ends up in Caldwell. However it appears that many of the shots were taken on/from I-95, which isn’t on that route.

I don’t think the intention was to show you a particular route he drove from Point A to Point B; I think it was intended to show the guy driving all over Northern NJ, not necessarily on a single journey, but covering some of the areas he goes to as the boss. ‘This is my backyard’, so to speak.

That was my impression.