The Spammers' Confession Thread (Tell Us Why)

Here is an opportunity for those who send SPAM to our e-mails to tell us why.

Is the money really that great?

There are many other questions I have, but for now I just need to know what motivates you and what success(es) have you had?


This could be interesting …

Money. The guy the Slashdotters started harassing lives in a home worth $740,000.

Definitely money. In a series of articles published by the NZ Herald from August this year, revealing the name of a Kiwi spammer, here, here, and here , it’s mentioned that

So this guy has gotten out of the spam business because he was getting threatening telephone calls and because he fears for the lives of his kids?

I’ll take that with a pound of salt Icy.

My Yahoo server is inundated with at least 3 spam e-mails per day. (Some in German! ;)) and I just always hit the “Spam” button and report/delete, but the same subjects keep coming up under different domains, so I am making very little headway.

It’s annoying, to be sure, but at least it isn’t as bad as hotmail whose service I don’t use anymore anyway.


Hey, Quasi, there’s always the hope – if they can’t stand the heat, they might stay out of the kitchen. Worth a shot.