The spank bank poll

Apologies to Sleeps with Butterflies but speaking of masturbation fodder, a man who you are neither attracted to nor repulsed by reveals that you feature in his fantasies from time to time. What are your thoughts?

(1) Huh, I didn’t know he was gay.

(2) Well, each to his own weird fantasy, I guess, but he could do a lot better than me.

(3) And I’d better not encourage him, because I’m definitely not interested in him, seeing as I’m both straight and happily married.

Oh, this thread was meant for straight women but everyone feel free to join in. (with necessary changes regarding sexual orientation)

It’s rare that I’m someone’s fantasy so I’ll take what I can get! :wink:

I’d be flattered.

I’d be put off by the innappropriate forwardness.

The idea of being fap fodder for someone I feel neutral towards would be perfectly fine. The fact that he *told *me about it would weird me out.

Well, it’ll never happen, so…

Ick. I don’t care if I AM in someone’s fantasies, but I wouldn’t want them to tell me about it.

Hey, if a woman of my acquaintance tells me that… that’s equivalent to a female friend coming up and asking for sex.

Hell, yeah! :slight_smile:

I assumed it was a dude who said that to me. My response is similar to Giles pretty much. “TMI, dude… but alright. Thanks!”

Otherwise with the gender reversed thing… what noone special said.

I’m a straight dude and if I found out that I was some chick’s sexual fantasy I’d be extremely flattered and would probably try to take advantage of it if she wasn’t bat shit crazy or repulsive. If some dude told me I’d be flattered but would make it clear that I am in no way interested.



I’m male and I really can’t imagine why it could happen to me, because I have never been what one usually imagines as a “hunk”. But that being said two women have come up to me years later saying I was the person they fantasized about. For the two women, I almost broke down and cried. They were very attractive. I did in fact say, "Why didn’t you tell me at the time???

If I’m comfortable enough around him that I don’t feel threatened, then I’m totally flattered. Otherwise, it’s…extremely icky.

Same here. I mean, they can’t help themselves, I get it, but I’d wonder why the hell they were telling me and I probably wouldn’t like the reason.

Yeah… I honestly don’t care who thinks about me during their alone times, but why would they tell me? I’d be less weirded out if someone else told me that a guy said it to him/her, than I would be if it just came up in conversation between he and I.

An acquaintance of mine was going through fertility issues with his wife a few years back. He went to the doctors to make a deposit for in-vitro treatment. Later that week he told me he’d been thinking of me at the time; so if the pregnancy took I’d be “like the honorary mother”.

::Eyes widen, backs away awkwardly::

A friend got drunk last Saturday and asked me to have a threesome with him and his boyfriend. I declined but was flattered.