Ladies, would you be offended if... (masturbation thread)

…a guy told you that you are often the subject of his masturbation fantasies?

A guy, you have never been romantically involved with, perhaps a coworker, or a friend, admits to you that in his fantasies, you are often the subject of his lust. Would this offend you, flatter you, or would you just not care?

That completely depends on how I feel about the guy.

Well, if it were a co-worker then I think that would be totally inappropriate to share no matter how I felt about him. And any friends of mine know I’m in a relationship so there’s really no need to be sharing that kind of info–way TMI! If it’s someone I don’t really know–well, that kind of thing happens at the library from time to time. I usually say, “how nice for you,” and have security walk me to my car when we close. :slight_smile:

First I’d laugh. That kind of boldness is plain hilarious. Then I’d be weirded out. What kind of freak would say that to someone? I’d get over it sooner or later though.

Yup, completely situational. Way creepy or very flattering, depending on the fella.

Well, how it was revealed would count for a lot, too. An in context confession would be far more on the flattering side, say she tells you about a weird dream she had involving the janitor or her high school principal, that’s a good time to work it in. Pass the paper clips~I lust for you nightly…not so good.

If it was a guy that I had absolutely no desire in, it would probably creep me the hell out. If it was soneone that I did happen to like, I probably wouldn’t find it as creepy, but still not flattering at all. He’d probably get scratched off of my “to-do” list!

Actually, the more I think about it, it’s kind of sad. If a guy likes a girl so much that he masturbates while thinking about her AND tells her about it, then maybe he needs to get some balls (no pun intended) and just ask her out.

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If it was a coworker-creepy and inappropriate as all get out!

If it was someone I was flirting with, not QUITE going out with, but getting there…well, I don’t know. I might be flattered. It depends.

I think it’s not a good way to let someone know you’re interested in them. It kind of puts a person on the spot, and even if they did like you, it might make them feel really weirded out.

Wait until you’re dating, and then reveal it.

Voice of experience here, sad to say. It’s creepy even if you thought you might like him. In fact, it’s a really good way to turn some people right off you. Wait a while, 'cause before you’ve dated once or twice it might be too soon.

Not offended. Creeped out, more likely.

Ohmigod. I would be creeped out – unless it was a first date, and we were genuinely attracted to each other. Ya know, one of those “I used to see you in the Accounts Payable department, and fantasize about taking you on the copier” moments.

Otherwise, yikes.:eek:


Put in my vote for it being creepy coming from someone like a coworker. I wouldn’t be offended if one of my guy friends said it to me, but anyone else, like the local mail man, hmmmm.

[Conway Twitty]

I said, “We’re not exactly strangers, you and I.
My thoughts were running wild and free as I watched you tonight.
Just think about it and you’ll find,
we’re not exactly strangers, I’ve already loved you in my mind.”

[/Conway Twitty]

Well, I have to add to the others and say “WAY creepy”. Offended, hmmmmmmmmmm no, you can get over an offensive remark, depending upon the situation.

But the kind of creepiness that being told that you were his masturbation fantasy would bring about, that would just keep on creeping me out. Ugh.

And I’ve always thought Conway Twitty was a perv.

Yeah, especially if you have fantasies like mine: “I’ve often wondered what you’d look like naked, ballgagged and with your wrists tied to your ankles, crawling toward me on a bed with a “do me” expression on your face and maybe a cute little strand of drool trickling down your chin.”

yeah, that’d go over big … I imagine security would be escorting ME to my car … if I was LUCKY!

As it is, most folks who know me think I’m a nice guy … and I am a nice guy, which is why I keep such fantasies to myself …


Maybe that’s supposed to be creepy, but it’s funny. I don’t know Whyyyy, but it is.

Captor, sounds like fun to me!

In all seriousness, being told on the job that some guy whacks off to visions of me…um…not good for workplace productivity. (though if he’s decent looking and uses Evil Captor’s honesty…hmmm…)

Over drinks, in conversation, with friends. Well, that would be interesting, to say the least. My reaction would probably run from “eh…that’s an odd bit of info I didn’t need” to “Cool…so what are these fantasies? Want help with any of them?”

WillSantini be very careful what you say to a co-worker about that sort of thing, *especially * don’t say it at work. Depending on the sensibilities of the woman, she is well within her rights to claim sexual harrassment and you could end up in trouble.

Some women might be creeped out at first but find it amusing and think nothing else of it, but other women like myself will be very offended and take action. So tread carefully! :slight_smile:

It would depend on the delivery and the deliverer. If it was an already intimate conversation with someone I was attracted to, I’d probably lean over and quietly ask if I could watch.:eek:

Did I really just say that out loud?

Work-place fantasy honesty…bad news bears!

I’ve actually had a bf tell me that he thought of me that way and had been for like a year. Was a little odd and yet oddly flattering. His words were along the line of , “I used to imagine you naked in math class.” LOL Did I mention he was a big geek, a nice geek, but a big geek?