The Star Wars That I Used To Know

I rather enjoyed this parody of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”:

The Star Wars That I Used To Know (YouTube link)
Also, now that Lucas sold it all to Disney, here a Photoplasty contest on what he’ll do next:

What George Lucas Will Do Now: 19 Terrifying Guesses

We had a thread on that song awhile ago. That dude is from Survivor, by the way.

Darth Vader looks so sad at the end!

I liked how, at the end, he says to the director guy, “You promised me Padme.” Instead he got naked George Lucas.

Episodes 3-5 weren’t so much worse than 4-5-6. It’s about all the anthology could offer. Things in 1977 were just different from 2001 onwards. A Jedi’s light saber is simply no match to a wizard’s wand, even with an eleven-year old wizard.