"What Happened to the Star Wars That I Used To Know"


Yeah, couldn’t help it, had to post this. Was surprised to find it’s NOT Weird Al, because it’s certainly of that quality and temperment.


Once you’ve heard one “They changed it, now it sucks, I liked Star Wars better when it had dancing Muppets and a star actor who obviously didn’t give a shit about the movie at all, how dare the man who created the series assert that his right to creative control over his creation is more important that meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and what I waaaaaaaaaaaant” joke, you’ve heard them all.

Also, this guy’s vocal range isn’t anywhere near Gotye’s.

:rolleyes: If Episodes 1 through 3 are about anything it is that even well respected directors need to be challenged, and as if it needed to be said adversity is good for art.

Not bad. Lyrics could maybe go through another draft, but as parodies go it works. Clever greenscreen joke!

So nice to see Gotye get such love, too.

That’s because Weird Al already did his take. [And here too. :D]

I thought it was kind of lame up until the line “Have your friends direct your movies and they’ll turn out better.” And then the guy doing George Lucas as Kimbra was awesome.

Well those are unqualified genius :smiley: I thought maybe it’d been a while and he was itching to do another. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit…to be clearer, I heard it in the background before I saw it, and that’s when I thought “Is that Weird Al?” Which it’s not, duh.

I laughed. Not sure whether my favorite line is the Blue Ray one or the “all time low” one.

Don’t you know that bitching about new Star Wars is over? It’s time for bitching about bitching about new Star Wars…


Seriously, though. The one you posted was cute too, but I like “Why is Dad so mad?” better. Maybe because I see my kids and their friends enjoying new Star Wars so much.

We hear “Why is Dad So Mad?” played occasionally on Kids’ Place Live radio, and it makes my 7-year old laugh because he feels the exact same way.

“Dad, there’s still good in the prequels, I can feel it!”
“No, son, it’s too late for me.”

Slow clap

I thought there were maybe two funny lines, and it was pretty predictable and boring. Not to mention the topic has been done to DEATH and it added nothing new to it.

Not Star Wars related, but this is how you do a parody of that song IMHO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwPHy17Iu6E

Yes, because saying the rich guy who owns it still can be criticized is somehow selfish. It’s not the guy who doesn’t give a shit about what the audience wants.

And of course, saying that a couple movies are shit, and expecting out of producer what every other movie franchise has done is somehow worse than hating a bunch of people because they have an opinion you disagree with.