The stem or rim of a wine glass?

A few weeks ago, one of my friends bought me a copy of “A Complete Idiots Guide to the Art of Seduction.” A bunch of us sat around reading it that evening and we were all laughing and joking around about a lot of the stuff said in the book.
We got to one chapter where it said that if you’re at dinner with a member of the opposite sex that guys should run there fingers around the rim of the wine glass, and that girls should run their fingers up and down the stem.
I was always under the impression that just the opposite should be done. Well, we argued about this for a few minutes and came to the decision that it would work either way because it could either signify what you wanted to do to a person, or what you wanted done to you.
So, what do you think? What do you do to your wine glass when you’re at dinner with a member of the opposite sex?

If it’s red wine you should cup it in your hands to warm it. If it’s white you should run you hand down the stem as it is chilled enough as it is. Either way you should consider the title of the book as information enough.

Look, if you’re going to seduce someone, you want to show them how they’ll have a good time. Simply and crudely put, nothing is going to get a guy’s attention more than subtle hints that you’re gonna suck his dick. Hell, all you have to do is eat a banana. Speaking as a guy, there’s no quicker way for a woman to appeal to my prurient interests without being dirty.

Flicking one’s tongue in and out of the wine, then taking big long licks usually does it for me.

Why do you need a book? As has been established elsewhere on the SDMB (that I’m too lazy to look up) saying hello to a guy is usually enough!

I had a friend who would put the base of a bar glass in her mouth. That always impressed the guys. I supose it would work with a wine glass.

Maybe I should have pointed out that the book was a gag gift meant for fun and entertainment. I don’t make a habit of seducing people and even when I try…‘try’ being the key word, wine glasses aren’t usually involved unless I’m drinking water out of a wine glass. I was just wondering what you all thought

I dunno, the woman grabbing my crotch always seemed to work as a hint. Why not try that?

Yeah, I’d never be that subtle.

Sounds like a good suggestion only if the other person is thinking the same thing. The symbolism works either way in that case. If he rubs the stem it suggests he’s getting a hard on, if she rubs it there’s suggestion of a hand job.

My trouble is when I rub the edge of a wine glass I always try to make it “sing” out a note. :eek: Now that I think back, though, some women have asked me if I was trying to be flirty and I didn’t know what they meant.