What were we doing?

I SMSed this to my lover at about 4PM:

I was just with a woman, doing something you and I did last weekend. She told me it would be easier if I just licked my finger. And she was right. What were we doing?

She didn’t work it out but maybe Dopers can.

Cleaning off a fudge stain.

We were out in public.

Doing something like opening a plastic bag or turning pages. Getting some goopy slobber on your fingers makes them sticky and makes the task easier and grosser. Blech.

Trying to open a plastic shopping bag.

Yeah that’s it. I was trying for ages to open a plastic bag to put grapes in. A woman nearby, seeing my efforts, came over and said, “Just lick your finger.” Worked like a charm.

You gotta love a “What were we doing” question posted by a poster named Don’t Ask.

Personally, thats all I need to know.

What? You can eat fudge in public. I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at.