The stink, the stink

I’ve just been gassed out of my office. I’m convinced that the custodian contractor we use hires janitors based soley on their ability to douse themselve in cologne before they come to work. I’m sure that the woman who just emptied my trash can dripped a few pints of perfume on the carpet.

Maybe you can negate it with a rotten tuna fish sandwich next time.

I FEEL your pain! I have the same problem. Every evening around 6 pm, a man and woman come in to clean, and the woman STINKS to high heaven of some sort of perfumey substance. It is HORRIBLE. One day it was so bad, I felt sick, like I was going to pass out. How anyone stands to be around her is beyond me. It’s gotten so bad that I have thought about saying something to our building management, because I simply cannot breathe or work when she comes around.