The story has a happy (enough) ending.

An update.

Some of you may remember the continuing saga of my friends and their neighbors. Their wonderful neighbors who:
a) Are destroying their own (rented) house
b) Are teaching their kids that when the police come to their house, it’s best to throw a fit and to be incredibly rude to the officers involved
c) May or may not have stolen a few hundred dollars worth of electronics from my friends’ home while they were at work
d) (the kids) like to throw apples, rocks, and firecrackers at my friends’ dogs.
and finally,
e) have their own dog whom they chain up in the back yard, regardless of weather, often without food or water for spaces of a day or so.

The dog has taken to escaping its chain and comming up on my friends’ porch, whining pathetically, as it knows my friends will take care of it and show it affection, give it water, etc. They do -not- bring it inside, as that might be looked upon as theft, but they do stay outside with it, weather permitting, until the neighbors notice and come over to take the dog back.

My friends realize that the dog has no collar or tags. Their plan -was- to simply turn it over to the police the next time, and say they had no idea where it came from, thinking the shelter would be a better life for it.

Well, the happy ending. Today the neighbor comes over to talk to my friends about the dog. My friends suspect it may be another rant about leaving them and their family alone, but it isn’t. They ask if my friends know of a good service to take care of the dog, and perhaps adopt it out.

Praise the lord… The neighbors are moving away.

My friends have already stated that they’ll help to look for a service or a good home for the dog, and have told me that, should it come down to it, -they- will adopt the dog. It’s the best possible outcome for all of this, other than the often-fantasized about meteor strike to the neighbor house while the dog is away.

Just thought I’d update you all.

Speaking as a landlord the only bad thing about the meteor is that it wouldn’t be destroying a house that was owned by the bad neighbors, but by the landlord.