The Straight Dope Message Board needs an icon

…and I nominate me.
Just Kidding

When I switched to Internet Explorer 7 I noticed that many websites had a special tiny icon in the web address window so I thought that The SDMB needed one too. I nominate:

A question mark
A picture of Cecil Adams
The third english word ending in gry
A picture of a death ray

What would you like to see?

How about a picture of a death ray beaming down into the ocean and destroying a submersible by frying its only occupant, a golden retriever?

airplane on a treadmill.

How about a double headed, 18" ice blue jelly dong?

(That was one of the first threads I read here.)

Gotta be a turkey head with a mortarboard.

A question mark with the Verboten symbol across it.

The verboten symbol is the red circle and slash used in “No Smoking” signs and the like.

Halfsie ! The first thread I read.

Correct! Choose the next question!

Say, what decade was that death ray made?

My nominations would be;

  1. A hamster (or Hampster)

  2. Goatse

  3. An opal, possibly with a word balloon that said “Hi!”.




Oh dear lord NO.

If I had to look at that every time I went to my bookmarks to pull up the SDMB, I think i’d quickly be cured of my Doping habit.

I thought the subject line said “The Straight Dope Message Board needs an IRON”. You know, as in to flatten out the Board’s wrinkles. Or maybe to press shirts with.

For an icon, I nominate an upside-down paper bag with eye holes cut out.

That would only be amusing for 20 minutes.

And only once.

Oh, come on, that hasn’t been funny since the sixties!


We could have a picture of Mariana’s Trench.

Might be hard to get one, given the fact that…

Jeez, why not just get a picture of Rio, by Duran Duran.