What should be the Straight Dope web link icon?

I realize, strictly speaking, this should go in ATMB, but I’m looking for an opinion about a suitable icon so I’m trying it here first. Mods move if you must.

In putting the Straight Dope website in my links it apparently does not have an little SD link icon for the link. IE 7 lets you add an icon. Is there an SD icon already out here? If not what should it be?

A headshot of Slug’s “Cecil as a turkey” image, by far.

Googling turns up this site.

This seems to be coming up here a lot in the last little while.

I have suggested an image of a beam coming down from the sky all the way down into the deepest parts of the ocean, instantly scorching the sole occupant of a submersible, a Golden Retriever, to death.