Images on main page not loading.

Though technically not the boards, I don’t know where else (indeed, if anywhere) this should go.

The images at the top of main page ( aren’t loading for me. They haven’t been all day. A quick survey in chat tells me I’m not alone.

The ads come up, but not the big blue “The Straight Dope” box, the slogan, or the cartoon.

Not a big inconvience, just something someone should probably be aware of.

For what it’s worht, they aren’t working for me, though they were this afternoon at 1900 UTC or so.

I’m using the latest MS Internet Explorer.

Oh, no – does this mean I’m doing a “me too” post by saying they’re not working for me either? I use IE 6. The images aren’t coming up for me on Opera, either.

I wasn’t going to report it because my computer was probably being weird to me, like it usally is.

Thanks, I’ll alert the authorities!

Sorry 'bout that, a minor Front Page glitch.

Fixed now.

your humble TubaDiva
“What do we want to screw up today?”