The Straight Dope Resturant Complex

I figured with all the cooking/resturant threads recently, that it’d be fun for each of us to design our own resturant

For the sake of argument, lets say we took over an abandoned minimall complex, each of us has a storefront that we can set up the way we want, and since this is my thread, i’m setting this minimall complex right on the shoreline

My resturant;
MacTech’s Dock; a New England style seafood resturant on a genuine 100% authentic lobster pier, The Dock serves classic, hearty New England cuisines, specializing in seafood, Stews and Chowders, Steamers, Lobster, Crab, fried seafood, fresh corn on the cob, shepherds pie, pot pies, classic hearty New England fare is the Dock’s specialty, but we also serve up a mean Asian-style stir-fry, and Sushi as well
(yes, I know they don’t exactly match, but it’s my resturant, m’kay? :wink: )
any food capable of being cooked in Cast Iron will be

The Dock is a casual dining resturant, with a strictly enforced casual “anti-dress-code”, NO ties permitted at all, take off the hangman’s noose or eat somewhere else!

In addition to a No Smoking section, there will also be a No Children section, for diners who don’t want their meals disrupted by uncontrolled brats, and speaking of uncontrolled brats, any family that does not control their children will be asked to leave, well behaved children are MORE than welcome on The Dock

What would your resturant be?

When you are done dining at The Dock, head over to Ivylass Dessert and Wine Bar. We have a fine selection of desserts, from our famous Mile-High Chocolate Cake to lighter fruit and cheese platters. Any of these can be paired with one of our fine brandies, dessert wines, or even a cup of coffee, anything from espresso to latte. There will be quiet piano music, and in the back there’s a dart board and a pool table, and lots of comfy chairs to sit back and digest your meal.

Mac, I love your child control policy! I’d eat there! And I’ll implement the same policy at my place.

Okay, I’d call it Baker’s Delite. Most items would be baked, including the entrees. Exceptions would be soups or salads. So no burgers, but you could get beef in casseroles and such. Breads, rolls, cookies, and such, would be baked from scratch on-site, no frozen dough garbage.

Ask about our garlic bread and lasagna special!

The Chilihead: A Boston Market-style restaurant specializing in chili prepared fresh every morning – all the regional variations of chili, from your classic Texas bowl of red (just meat and chile peppers and garlic and onions – no beans, no tomatoes) to Cincinnati chili (fine-ground beef, boiled not browned, cooked with chocolate, served over spaghetti with several optional toppings including cheese, chopped onions, kidney beans, oyster crackers). Beef chili, pork chili, lamb chili, chicken chili, vegetarian “chili.” Mild chili, medium chili, hot chili, four-alarm chili. Every bowl just $5! (Every beverage $50. :wink: )

I would suggest we leave one storefront for a gym…we’re going to need it!

Baker, I may call on you to bake some desserts for my Wine Bar…would you have the time?

Rico’s Beef and Brew serves the finest steaks and ribs, cooked over open flames to your exact order. Served with a jumbo baked potato with your choice of real butter, sour cream, chives, real bacon bits, and/or cheddar cheese, and steamed vegetable du jour, your meal is preceded with fine French Onion Soup topped with melted Mozzarella cheese or a fresh greens salad with your choice of 7 luscious dressings.

And once a week Chef Rico unleashes his famous Beef Stroganoff upon an unsuspecting public. The crowd goes wild!

Enjoy your meal with one of 25 different beers from around the world, chosen for their smoothness and drinkability. Special imported non-alcoholic brews are also available.

And when you’re done go see that Ivylass chick. If you got any room left.

Sounds delicious so far, keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

…I wonder when the first Bacon Salt reference will be made though…


Judging by this weekend’s cooking choices, I’ll run the All Peanuts All The Time joint. Yesterday I made peanut butter banana bread, and today I’m making Indonesian chicken with spicy peanut sauce. Also there’ll be peanut butter cookies, boiled peanuts (a southern thing, so yummy), pork satay, PB&J sandwiches (which I personally detest), peanut butter pie, etc.

Spider John’s - A BBQ Joint
“If it will fit in the pit, we will barbeque it!”

Ribs, brisket, chicken, pork. You name it, we cook it. The best of BBQ from around the country. Memphis-style ribs, Texas brisket, North Carolina pulled pork, custom-made hot links. Every side you can imagine: greens, cornbread, mac & cheese, slaw, hush puppies, Kool-Aid pickles, fried okra. Sweet tea is standard. Cheerwine available from the soda selection. A couple dozen good beers on tap. Home-made desserts, including DeepDish Southern Comfort Peach Pie, all kinds of cobblers, cakes, and the like.

All food served on butcher paper, so dishwashing gets a lot easier.

Don’t forget the Moon Pies and the banana puddin’.

Come to Loki’s Pub Grub Menagerie!

The menu features more heart-unhealthy entrees than you can shake a shunt at, but they’re all lovingly prepared in high grade deep fat fryers, with only the freshest ingredients. While the name does evoke British, Scots or Irish pub foods, we do not ignore such American offerings as Buffalo Wings. For those who insist upon [del]healthy[/del] less deadly foods, we offer cheese and veggie or cheese and fruit plates, or flatbread pizzas. The drink menu may not be as extensive as at Rico’s Beef 'n Brew, but we will have a selection of interesting, smooth, flavorful beers. And plenty of hard cider on tap. Snakebites are a specialty of the house!

Don’t forget to bring your darts!

Home-made bread pudding, baked apples and a pecan pie that will make you want to slap your mama!

Vorsicht Doug! offers the highest quality of Austro-Germanic cuisine, inspired by the sophisticated concoctions of New York’s Kurt Gutenbrunner and…uh…someone who eats Kurt’s food fairly often. Haus-Spezialität: Nietzschean Goulash Soup. Is it a goulash? Is it a soup? Does it matter in a world where truth is so elusive? Back it up with a frosty Paulaner Pils and a slice of Apfelstrudel mit Schlag while you think it over. Live cabaret provided by the cast of Cabaret, who play their own instruments. Komm’ wie du bist!

I’m going with Mom’s Place. All Mom food. The dish of the day will be a casserole, and mashed potatoes and baked mac and cheese our signature sides. Meatloaf, roast chicken and turkey with homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce will be available, and our lunch menu will include peanut butter and jelly (with no crusts), tomato soup with grilled cheese, and to die for turkey or meatloaf sandwiches (from the previous night’s cooking, so it really tastes leftover!).

I will also have Goldfish, Fruity Puffs and dry Cheerios on the menu for the toddler set, and toddler sized flatware and plastic plates and disposable bibs and sippy cups.

longhair’s burgers

Three quarter pound burgers grilled to order over a low hickory fire served on freshly baked Kaiser rolls. All common fixin’s and some uncommon. You order it, we’ll put it on a plate.

I’ll open the panini shop specializing in my famous Cuban sandwiches. 20 wines and 20 beers by the glass.

I really like this concept, although the summer months could be slow. I have some money to invest.

You kidding? Chili’s the perfect summer cool-down food! It makes you sweat! Why do you think it was invented in Texas?

The Second Avenue Deli in NYC closed. I’m going to ask the deli to reopen here.

On each table will be fabulous true sour and half sour pickles plus cole slaw and a few other pickled delights.

The menu will feature the world’s finest matzo ball soup, beef barley soup, potato pancakes plus knishes, blintzes, cholent, brisket and fabulous sandwiches with home cured pastrami and corned beef served with oniony rye bread or a good challah. We’ll also have chopped liver, gefilte fish, bagels and lox, and other Eastern European Jewish delicacies.

For drinks there will be seltzer, cola, Del Ray’s and really bad kosher wine.

Desserts shall consist of the great classics. Black and whites, blackout cake, carrot cake, honey cake and rugelach.

Damn I’m hungry now.

My “Easy Eats of the East:” Vietnamese pho, Japanese sushi and Korean ban chan. And none of this trendy “fushion” bullshit. If you want to dump the ban chan kimchees into the pho, that’s your business. I just make it all avialable in one tatami room.