The Straight Dope was mentioned on a local radio show today...

…and the DJ said that Cecil wasn’t real!!!

He said that Ed Zotti was Cecil!!!
I think I need a drink…my dreams have been shattered…

What’s the DJ’s name? Where does he live?

[sub]Must kill the blasphemer… must kill the blasphemer…[/sub]

He’s a good guy, and he gives out his email address on the show so folks can email him…I wonder if the mods would have a problem if i posted it here so we could…comment… :wink:
(Just kidding!!!)

I told you so!!!

Sooooo… did they mention anything about the message board? :slight_smile:

well yes, it is true. Ed does most of the writing for the “name” Cecil Adams. Of course, now that you know this you will have to be “rehablitatied”

Just pray it is TubaDiva or Lynn who modify your memories.

Coldie clogs will not only make you forget but become a Rush fan* and have a wooden shoe fetish :eek:
*Most likely the Band, Not Limbo the Republican guy. Buy, you never know with that dutch guy.

hey who zapped my head to block out the Preview button?


Ahem… I ment "Coldie Clogs will not only make you forget Ed is the writer for Cecil but will also make you become a Rush fan… blah blah blah.

Of course, now that I posted that, the Mods and Admins shall be zapping people for years :slight_smile:

No, unfortunatly, he didn’t :frowning:

Not to be dismissive, but we are talking about a bunch of furriners here, so this can’t be considered authoritative. Once Toronto wins a Stanley Cup, then maybe we’ll be willing to listen. But until then, I’m afraid I’m going to have to write it off as rumor-mongering.

Ooh, I missed this – what station was it?

Posted now by StephenG
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Has Montreal won enough for you?

IIRC, TO has the second most Stanley Cup wins of all the teams…the number one team is Montreal…still in Canada. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Pffffttttt!!!

It was on Mojo Radio. (AM 640) The Mike Stafford Show.

[Church Lady]We really like the sound of our own voice, don’t we, Kwyjibo.[/Church Lady] :wink:


Yes. Yes I do.

(You’ve heard it. It’s manly, powerful voice!)

Well, hmph. If they didn’t mention us, then screw em. Screw em, I say!

*… and they came from the North, the cold North, to bring down the hellfire of the blasphemers. And the Host, with their wide foreheads and learned ways of the arcane Dope did smite them…

… and so the name of the sacred one, Cecil (may his brain lobes be ever folded) is kept safe, and those that shoe obeisance shall pay homage, and those that disbelive shall be cursed with spam, and Nazi Groundhogs…*


I’ve got the feathers, who has the tar?

<washing my eyes out with soap in disbelief after reading the OP>