The new Straight Dope administrator ...

… you’re soaking in it.

(I only have 22 years of experience with the site.)

I’m on the job starting now. I’m having to figure it out as I go, so I apologize in advance for any missteps and ask for your forbearance.

With the dimming of our Cecil Adams guiding star, and the huge Ed-shaped hole in The Straight Dope Universe, now we have to gather up our scattered sh–stuff, our scattered stuff and go forward.

We have not heard the last of either of them and I look forward to their next appearances.

As we go on and I get up in this thing I will be appealing to all of you, to “the better angels of our nature;” we need all of you to come along with us. Dopers bring deep energy and powerful juju; you’ve done some really cool things over the years and we absolutely encourage you to keep on doing so.

Talk to me here, send me a message, email me:

It’s a developing story. There’s a lot of I dunno, especially right about now." But I expect even more of “we’ll find out.” Help me do that, please.

(I wouldn’t mind a prayer or two neither.)


still your humble TubaDiva

Congratulations, I think? Do you get a new mug?

Gross. I get the reference, but still…gross. Let’s put this down as misstep #1 and move forward. :slight_smile:

What happened to Ed Zotti?

Madge the manicurist says relax your soaking in it, softens hands while you administer the dope. Best of luck!

He’s… on a farm… upstate.

What do you think the Palmolive is for? Why spring for a new mug when the old one can be washed?

I presume that Ed was let go by the Reader and/or the Sun-Times, due to the column no longer needing editing.
Powers &8^]

Congrats and best wishes!

Good choice. I feel much better. You have way more gorm than Ed anyway.

No, he was a fictional character, the alter-ego of Cecil Adams, who is now retired. Wake up, Sheeple!

You do realize that upstate from Chicago is probably Kenosha, … Wisconsin.


TDiva: Breathing a sigh of relief, I am.

Wait, so does this mean you’re in charge now? You can do whatever you damn well please? I assume this means we’ll finally be getting the long-rumored forum, The Tuba Hole.

I hope you enjoy your new mug, please don’t let the new title go to your head😊!

Thank you, TubaDiva, for taking this on. Don’t feel overwhelmed with responsibility for the future of this message board — that will evolve through the conversations and decisions of various folks, some outside the control of any of us. We really appreciate whatever attention you kindly provide to the everyday administrative tasks — the things we teeming thousands (the hip ones and the dipsticks alike) take for granted whenever we enjoy interacting here.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!!

Good luck with your new responsibilities. We appreciate your efforts.

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Congratulations. Or, I’m so sorry for you. Or heaven help us all. I’m not quite sure.

Seriously, I can’t think of a better person for this.

Congrats and thanks in advance for your efforts going forward!