Ed_Zotti appears to be back on the staff

It appears that Ed_Zotti has been reinstated as a staff member and has Trust Level of leader which is also held by a few silent Administrators. What should we know about this?

Probably something to do with this.

Maybe but many others have asked for help with various charitable causes without elevation to Staff. It seems distantly unlikely that anyone that may have felt a need to give to this fund wouldn’t recognize Ed’s name. In other words, it makes sense that Ed would organize this fund raiser and it also makes sense that he wouldn’t need to be unretired.

Christ, give us a break. Ed’s pinch hitting as admin while the powers-that-be figure out next steps. We’re lucky he’s willing to do it.

I don’t disagree and I’m not trying to deny anyone’s break, we’d just appreciate a notification. This is the sort of thing that, I think, should warrant an Announcement. I doubt I’m alone in that I don’t care for these quiet, secretive moves and I don’t think a request for an explanation is unreasonable.

Look, I apologize. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.

But I don’t think it’s occurred to anyone - I won’t speak for Ed - that such is necessary. We’re busy in put the pieces back together mode, here.

This is a area of entitlement I would never have expected…sheesh.

I’m just so happy the behind the scenes work is being done.

Please let him know we appreciate him stepping up to assist.

It would also be cool if he understood how much we’d welcome him joining us as a posting regular, if he ever felt so inclined. I understand if he doesn’t.

And Cecil too… :wink:

Class act, as we all know.
No surprise he stepped back in during a period of pain and duress.

Thanks again, L’il Ed. Slug oughta do a tuba player with a halo.

Dammit. This is sad.

Doubt no longer. I cannot conceive of a scenario in which it matters a tiny whit how Ed was elevated to Admin.

I can assure you that you’re completely alone.

This. Holy cow. I can’t even… :astonished:

Given that the board’s only administrator passed away within the past several weeks, is it any surprise that they’ve turned to the person who served in that role prior to her? What exactly needs to be explained?

Yeah… I think you’re in an Army of One situation here.

Don’t confuse a desperate scramble borne of necessity with quiet secrecy.

You understand that the mods lost a friend, right? That they’re a distinct community even within the sdmb?

I just thought of one. Maybe jngl here was sending PMs back and forth with Ed, snickering about the board’s moderation, and now he’s embarrassed that Ed is actually part of that moderation. It’s like cutting off a guy in traffic on the way to an interview, and it turns out that guy was going to be your boss.

Thank you Ed, for helping out the Straight Dope Message Board in its time of need.

That sounds oddly specific, did you do this? :grinning:

LOTS of overthinking here. Are y’all really THAT bored? :exploding_head: