The TubaDiva Memorial Tuba Fund campaign is now underway

The TubaDiva Memorial Tuba Fund is now accepting donations. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase a tuba for an Atlanta-area high school band department as a memorial to the late Jenny “TubaDiva” Paradis, longtime administrator of the Straight Dope Message Board.

Here’s the link:

TubaDiva Memorial Tuba Fund

Here’s Jenny’s obituary, published by the Chicago Sun-Times, owner of the Straight Dope:

Jennifer Paradis, who ran Straight Dope Message Board for over 20 years, has died at 65

Please feel free to share these links.

Thank you, Ed.

A question for anyone: I have a friend whose husband doesn’t understand message boards and believes that if you send money to a fundraiser for a person you’ve never met, you are being scammed. If my friend bought a Visa gift card with her own cash, could that be used to donate to a fundraiser such as this one?

Done. Thanks for setting this up.

Thank you, Ed

A visa gift card can be used.

side note: It doesn’t look like paypal can.

Thank you!

I used PayPal. You click on Google Pay first, and then it gives you a bunch of options. No idea why they’d have you do that first, but that’s how I did it.

Thank you for doing this, Ed.

Yes, thanks Ed. Maybe this should be pinned to the top somewhere so everyone sees it. Looks to me like we are going to have extra money so maybe a fund of some sort?

As a band parent three times over, I can tell you - High School Bands always need money.

Odd, I don’t see an option for Google Pay.

I’m on Chrome. Maybe it’s baked in?

Thanks, Ed. Welcome back. Bump.

I’m in. Thanks, Ed.

I shared the GoFundMe link to the Facebook Straight Dopers group

Thanks Ed, I’m in.

Shared it on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you.

And, everyone: don’t miss the link in the obituary if you want to see TubaDiva in action.

I just want to record for posterity that of this writing, the fund has been in existence for just 5 hours and has very nearly reached its goal already!! What a resounding success! Jenny would be proud of the community that she helped nurture! :star_struck:

So nice when a community works like this.