The Strasky & Hutch movie - I'm confused

When I heard they were going to make the, uh, “classic” 70’s cop show into an action-comedy, I figured it might not suck.

Now the trailers are playing on TV and I see that Ben Stiller is the star.

Now my confusion, if you want to make a comedy, why would you hire Ben Stiller? Didn’t the makers of the movie want funny actors in their comedy?
Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear is a natural, btw.

Obviously, that should be Starsky.

Ben Stiller is funny. Meet the Parents, The Royal Tenenbaums, Zoolander? Hell, Owen Wilson was in all those films as well, and he was funny too.

I’ve seen funny and it doesn’t look anything like Ben Stiller.

Ben Stiller is one of the producers.

Then don’t go see Starsky & Hutch… What’s the problem here?

I won’t. There isn’t one.

Just voicing an opinion.

Even if you don’t like Ben, go for Will Ferrell as the prison inmate and Vince Vaughn as a moustacheoed villain.

Ben Stiller is frickin’ hilarious.

Ben Stiller can be seriously funny, even though he plays very similar characters most of the time, that of a miserable victimised idiot.

However, Will Ferrell is overrated to the hilt.

I love Ben Stiller, especially in “Something about Mary”.

To each his own I guess…

Don’t forget Mystery Men and the late, lamented, Ben Stiller Show.

And Owen Wilson’s nose!

I didn’t know Ben Stiller was in that!

Yep, Owen picked Ben for that roll himself.

I think the OP must be in a very small minority. I find Ben Stiller very funny.

Certainly much funnier than his parents ever were.

I’ve asked about dozen people I know their opinion about Stiller and all agree he great in extremely small doses. Not feature length, maybe the odd cameo here and there.

I will confess that the only thing I ever saw him do that was even remotely entertaining was his impersonation of Yakov Smirnoff after the fall of the Soviet Union. Other than that, nothing.

In Soviet Union, Yakov Smirnoff impersonates you!

Dude, you do realize that only a very small minority here would be old enough to remember seeing a Jerry Stiller - Anne Meara comedy routine?


Oh my God, I’m old!